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New, Special & Most Loved Bottled Blessings

Signature Kejiwa creations for awakening to your truest self embodiment


Rise Into Soul Truth

Kejiwa products are produced from the purest of ingredients through sacred conscious practices so you may awaken your intuition and communion with your truest self.

You are a Divine being having a Human experience, right now, at this time and place, for a reason. Wake up to your deepest potential and remember why you are here.


“When we truly connect with every aspect of nature, all plants and beings come together in harmony to love and support you.”

Kejiwa products are sourced from the highest quality ingredients – fresh, raw, local, vegan, wild, organic, and biodynamic ingredients including wild-harvested herbs picked by hand in prayerful communion.

Pure spring water and blessed sacred water from the Amazon are infused into our sprays, tinctures, and ormus minerals with our unique heart-centered method. All elixirs are stored in violet UV protective glass bottles for an extra layer of protection from light and heat, packed with biodegradable and upcycled materials, and delivered with love and blessings.

We choose to always be in our highest state of presence and peace when creating our products because we are committed to bringing you the most potent activating elixirs to assist in your ascension journey.

It is an extension of what we believe and how we live as stewards of this Planet.


Open your heart to increase capacity

Reach your highest vibrancy

Ormus Trio: I A-Rose, Frankincense/Myrrh & Lotus Crown

Activate your sensory perception

Transformational collections

Magical minerals for energetic inspiration

Align with current cosmic energies

Gifts for Sacred Feminine

Gifts for Divine Masculine