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Lioness Aromatherapy Oil

Lioness Aromatherapy Oil

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Primary Benefits

*Uplifts and inspires, promoting emotional balance
*Unleashes the inner strength and courage within
*Energizes and invigorates the mind, enhancing mental clarity
*Brings a sense of joy, optimism, and serenity


Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils of: Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot & Neroli Blossom.

*100% Wild / Organic / Biodynamic Ingredients

*Violet glass bottle with glass roller ball.

How to use

Inhale from the bottle and/or apply to your wrists, neck, brow point and temples. Close your eyes and breathe gently and peace-fully.


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We accept returns of unopened / unused alchemy within 30 days of receiving your order.

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 Lioness Aromatherapy Oil

Lioness Aromatherapy oil is a divine alchemy crafted to elevate your senses and awaken your inner strength.

Lioness Aromatherapy Blend is a carefully curated infusion of exquisite essential oils, including neroli, grapefruit, mandarin, and bergamot, harmoniously infused in nourishing jojoba oil. Each drop of this enchanting blend encapsulates the power and beauty of solar energy, infused with the radiance and vitality of the Sun.

Encased in a protective violet glass bottle with a luxurious glass roller ball, this blend is a sacred elixir that invites you to embark on a transformative journey of self-activation.

This blend serves a multitude of uses, offering a holistic approach to personal empowerment and self-care. As you gently roll the glass ball over your skin, let the aromatic symphony of Lioness Aromatherapy Blend transport you to a realm of tranquility, courage, and grace.


Benefits of Lioness Essential Oil Blend:

The benefits of Lioness Aromatherapy Blend are abundant. Neroli, derived from the fragrant blossoms of the bitter orange tree, carries an exquisite floral scent that is renowned for its ability to uplift and inspire. Its gentle yet potent aroma promotes emotional balance, soothing your spirit and empowering you to embrace your inner strength.

The invigorating notes of grapefruit energize and uplift, infusing your senses with a burst of vitality. This zesty essential oil is known to invigorate the mind, enhance mental clarity, and promote a positive outlook, leaving you feeling refreshed and motivated.

Mandarin oil, with its delightful citrus aroma, brings a sense of joy and optimism. It is a natural mood enhancer, fostering a sense of serenity and contentment. Its gentle nature encourages self-acceptance and self-love, nurturing your emotional well-being.

Bergamot, known for its captivating citrusy scent with subtle floral undertones, helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. It creates a serene atmosphere, allowing you to find balance and harmony within. Its soothing properties make it an ideal companion for meditation, introspection, or simply unwinding after a long day.

Infused in nourishing jojoba oil, which closely resembles our skin's natural sebum, Lioness Aromatherapy Blend moisturizes and rejuvenates, leaving your skin soft and supple. The luscious combination of essential oils and jojoba oil creates a synergy that not only enhances your well-being but also provides an indulgent sensory experience.


How to Experience Lioness Essential Oil Blend:

This exquisite aromatherapy provides an indulgent sensory experience; Inhale from the bottle and/or apply to your wrists, neck, brow point and temples. Close your eyes and breathe gently and peace-fully. 

Bless yourself with the enchantment of Lioness Aromatherapy Blend. Whether you seek to boost your confidence, ignite your passion, or simply find solace in a moment of tranquility, this divine alchemy is your key to self-discovery and empowerment. Embrace the aromatic embrace of Lioness Aromatherapy Blend and unleash the fierce lioness within.


This alchemy pairs wonderfully with our I A-Rose Ormus and Venus Love Alche-Mist

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    We carefully select the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients

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    Created with heart centered focus and intention in the Red Rock vortex of Sedona, AZ

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    Offering superior protection for enhanced longevity, potency & purity

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    Packed with care and love-in blessings; shipped in compostable packing peanuts

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Produced from the highest quality ingredients

Fresh, raw, local, vegan, wild, organic and biodynamic ingredients including wild-harvested herbs picked by hand in prayerful communion.

We choose to always be in our highest state of presence and peace when creating our products because we are committed to bringing you the most potent activating elixirs to assist you on your ascension journey.

It is an extension of what we believe and how we live as stewards of this Planet.

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