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Ancient Wisdom Trio

Ancient Wisdom Trio

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Primary Benefits

*Activate Higher Consciousness and Divine Connection
*Support Overall Vitality to Feel More Liveliness, Light & Energy
*Anti-Aging and Cellular Regeneration
*Increased Manifestation Potential


Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold Ormus Ingredients:
Mono-atomic Gold / Silver / Platinum group & other essential minerals (condensed from Bokek Sea salt & Pure Deep Sea salt), Blessed Sacred Water & distilled water, Birch Bark extract (Xylitol), Frankincense Carterii, Frankincense Rivae, Golden Myrrh, Emerald gemstone essence & the highest loving intent of light!

Piñon Pineal Spagyria Ingredients:
Wild Piñon Pine Pollen, Needle, Twig, Resin & Cone, Birch Bark Extract (Xylitol), Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Wild Essential Oils of Needle, Twig, Resin & Cone, Calcined Crystal Plant Salts, Infused in Organic Grape Spirit (40%), Blessed Sacred Water + All Our Love!

Ancient Anointing Alche-Mist Ingredients:
Frankincense Carterri essential oil, Frankincense Rivae essential oil, Sweet Myrrh essential oil, Comniphora Myrrh essential oil, Hyssop Flower essential oil, Spikenard essential oil, Blue Cypress essential oil, Emerald gemstone essence, infused in Blessed Sacred water & Organic Grape Spirit (Alcohol) + Mono-atomic Gold Ormus.

*All essential oils are steam-distilled and sustainably wild-harvested/organic.

How to use

Infuse this alchemy into your daily rituals for grounding, clarity and activating spiritual connection.


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Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Well-Being with the Ancient Wisdom Trio

Are you ready to revitalize your health and tap into higher consciousness with a unique trio of powerful elixirs?

These high-vibe Alchemy elixirs are the perfect way to elevate and activate your daily rituals and spiritual connection; specially crafted for seekers on their spiritual journey with the intention of amplifying divine connection, peak mental clarity, enhanced cellular health and overall vitality.

Experience a renewed sense of energy and well-being as you delve into these transformative elixirs, each offering its distinct benefits.




Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold Ormus:

Intention and Primary Benefit: Activates the Brain & spiritual Pineal Gland and facilitates feelings ecstatic limitless possibilities in life.

These Ormus minerals are necessary to all life and bringing higher concentrations of this miraculous substance into your body results in more liveliness, light and energy.

Ormus has the capability to uplift & assist brain function, boost energy, regenerate DNA, repair effects of aging, create longevity, enliven cells, support healthy tissue in the heart, boost the endocrine, immune & nervous systems, fight off pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and allow effective rejuvenating sleep as well as more vivid and lucid dreamtime.

Piñon Pineal Spagyria: 

A Piñon Pine Tonic Herb Alchemical Tincture to serve your highest health, resiliency, vitality and light of Being! 

  • Strengthens immune system and increases longevity
  • Powerfully balances hormonal system while instilling vim, vigor, and vital energy
  • Controls the important circadian rhythms of the body
  • Energetically connects to intuition and higher knowingness
  • Brings quick clarity and effective focus
  • Known as a master rejuvenator and adaptogen
  • Extremely potent, healing, and nutrient-dense superfood making it one of the most important and beneficial herbal medicines on the planet

Ancient Anointing Alche-Mist:

An enlightening Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold Aromatherapy Mist to instantly transport you to a highly awakened state of knowingness and clarity wherever you are, whether in ceremony, a classroom, or your car. 

  • Promotes feelings of satisfaction, peace, calm, and overall wellness
  • Lifts negative moods, enhances feelings of infinite creative possibilities with ease
  • Supports you in feeling grounded and ready to move through any situation with grace
  • Aids in focusing intention, activating intuition and opening your Third-Eye
  • The scent of choice in Ancient Temples around the world, these sacred oils brings you to communion with creator while encouraging your spiritual awakening
  • Strengthen and invigorate the respiratory system while boosting cellular health and immunity
  • Anti-inflammatory effects that may help reduce joint inflammation and support cellular regeneration



How to:

How to experience Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold Ormus:

Ormus is a liquid mineral supplement; we recommend fully savoring this experience by first smelling this delicious elixir, then placing 1 - 2 tsp under your tongue (hold before swallowing). Your dose will depend on your sensitivity and desired effects. Please tune in to your own body wisdom.

Close your eyes and take long slow deep breaths as you envision your entire body full of light. Or focus on a specific intention/desire you are manifesting.

Ormus is a sacred substance that is highly sensitive to energy and amplifies any intentions set with it. We highly recommend that you honor this bottle with a special place on your altar and infuse every dose with your prayers.

Sit with This Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold Ormus before meditating to open your Pineal Gland for a deeper grounding and stronger connection to your intuition. Use in Ceremony to support spiritual evolution by offering you the ability to transcend limiting beliefs and rewire subconscious thoughts.

With consistent long-term use, some users are able to activate dormant senses such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, telekinesis and more enhanced abilities.


How to experience Piñon Pineal Spagyeria:

Take 1 to 2 droppers full, 2-3 x per day by placing under your tongue and breathing deeply before ingesting; focus on your brow point, visualizing your entire being filling with light, with a smile, while feeling happy, alive and energized in your body.

Daily use is recommended and encouraged. 

Piñon Pineal Spagyria is meant to be used as a daily supplement for regular rebalancing and rejuvenation. You may also use it as an energetic boost in the middle of the day or anytime you need to fire up your intuitive energy to receive clarity on a situation.


How to experience Ancient Anointing Alche-mist:

Mist in the car, home, or out in the world to clear any situation and inspire the moment. Spray your face and deeply inhale to refresh and recharge.

Empower yourself before sacred ceremony by misting to clear and protect your energy field, center yourself, awaken clarity, and calm your spirit. 

Spray with conscious loving intent around the body, head, and face to de-stress and deepen the breath into a space of peaceful grace.



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    We carefully select the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients

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    Created with heart centered focus and intention in the Red Rock vortex of Sedona, AZ

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    Offering superior protection for enhanced longevity, potency & purity

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    Packed with care and love-in blessings; shipped in compostable packing peanuts

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Produced from the highest quality ingredients

Fresh, raw, local, vegan, wild, organic and biodynamic ingredients including wild-harvested herbs picked by hand in prayerful communion.

We choose to always be in our highest state of presence and peace when creating our products because we are committed to bringing you the most potent activating elixirs to assist you on your ascension journey.

It is an extension of what we believe and how we live as stewards of this Planet.

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