What is Ormus?

What is Ormus?

As humanity continues to awaken to this new reality we find ourselves living in, I find that more people are becoming interested in learning about Ormus and what its true purpose is for the human body. 


Planet Earth is a magical place where the air we breathe, the water we drink and bathe in are all alive. The planet provides us with life sustaining oxygen, fresh food and nourishing water. But there may be one element that is lacking on our planet - Ormus. What many people don’t realize is that without this elusive element, Planet Earth would not exist as it does today!


So what is Ormus? 

Ormus is a multi-dimensional alkaline rich mineral supplement that is used to support health and wellness in the body while giving you the ability to be in touch with your own energetic field. It is said to be the “Elixir of the Gods” or the “Elixir of Immortality” as it has been used in ancient times to heal the body, and bring more vitality into our physical being. It is said to be a supercharger for our body’s energy field and internal circuitry. 


Ormus contains all the minerals needed to bring the body back into a balanced and a complete state of being. 


These elusive elements have been the subject of much debate over the years. It has been called “white gold” and a “miracle mineral”, but there are many misconceptions about this magical substance! 

You may have heard it called a “mystery mineral” or a “new age scam." 

Some people claim that Ormus is a mystery mineral because it is difficult to achieve accurate testing. While testing is difficult to observe or accurately read, Ormus has been tested in other ways. The main testing that has been utilized to prove the effectiveness of Ormus is through gardening


Comparison of Fruit from Trees using Ormus


Ormus is given to plants, and research has shown that it greatly enhances the growth and size of the plant and what it produces.


Another claim is that gold can not be absorbed by the human body, or that it is toxic. While most metals are metallic in nature, Ormus minerals are suspended in a mono-atomic state. This is the single element of a metal that is non-toxic and safely absorbed by the body. 


While these are all opinion based claims, I encourage you to learn more about this magical liquid. It may be what your health has been missing!


On the scientific side, Ormus is known to consist of non-toxic essential minerals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Ormus atoms will not form metal to metal bonds with their own kind, which is why Ormus is a non-toxic substance that can be ingested. These minerals are also known as ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements), but are referred to as Ormus or “m-state” materials. ORMEs are small metallic microclusters that live in a non-metallic state. These microclusters consist of one or more atoms which exist in a high-spin state that saturates them with unusual properties such as superconductivity, superfluidity, supercurrent, and magnetic levitation.

These microclusters greatly enhance the conductivity of our DNA and cells, promoting healing, regeneration and responsiveness to scalar (source) frequencies.  



Kejiwa Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold Ormus


People who have taken Ormus report healing, rejuvenating, and spiritually enlightening effects. 


The origin of Ormus materials have been found in all of our biological systems.  Scientists and researchers have collected Ormus materials from rock, metal, seawater, freshwater, air, organic material, or morning dew. Since Ormus minerals are abundantly available in volcanic soil and seawater, sea salts are the most common material used to make Ormus.


We’ve all heard the suggestion that Earth is lacking Ormus, but what does that mean?


Ormus contains major minerals (macrominerals) and trace minerals (microminerals), as well as m-state transition metals. So far the list of metals known to exist in this special state are cobalt, nickel, copper, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum, gold, and mercury. Examples of macrominerals include; calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P), magnesium (Mg), sodium (Na), potassium (K), sulfur (S) and chloride -an ion of chlorine (Cl).

 Why would this substance be so hard to find on our planet?

The Earth is an Ormus deficient world because of the environment we’ve created. We live in a world that uses heavy industrial farming with the support of toxic fertilizers that are stripping our land of the natural elements. Our farming practices today have steered away from organic cultivation of the land that keeps the soil saturated with healthy enzymes and minerals that plants need to thrive. 


Ormus Elemental Chart

Elemental Chart for known Ormus Minerals


Ormus appears to assist communication between cells in the body and between the body and spirit. 


Researchers have reported that ORMEs seem to enhance the energy flow in the microtubules inside of living cells, as well as working to repair damaged DNA

It has been said that Ormus will enhance the “flow of energy” (a vibrational frequency seen as light) and the “quantum coherence” (connectivity) between the “field of universal energy” and our physical body. Therefore, it acts as an antenna for our energy field, that creates greater conductivity between our physical body and the field of universal energy. 


The greater the energy flow within every living cell allows for increased vigor in building, repairing, and maintaining the physical body. 


Ormus is not only good for your physical health, but it can also help to heal emotional wounds. When people find themselves in a state of depression or anxiety, the power of Ormus can be very beneficial. This is because the high mineral content contained within this uplifting substance brings a sense of awareness to our individual cells. Some people have experienced extreme healing phenomenon while claiming that Ormus brings them into a higher state of thought which helps them work through their emotions with grace and ease. 


It is believed that the elements in Ormus help detoxify your body, which allows you to heal naturally and without medication.


A lot of medications cause a person's immune system to become weaker which can cause dis-ease in the body. When you ingest Ormus it boosts the immune system, which means that it can help those who struggle with chronic illnesses. Ormus is a powerful all-natural mineral supplement which has been shown to heal many different ailments in your body without any negative impact on your health.


Most people think of Ormus as a magical mineral that can solve all their problems, but what else can ormus do for us and our planet?


We will be diving deeper into the aspects of all things ormus in our future blog posts. We will explore more of the evolution of Ormus and how it was used in ancient times, the science of what makes Ormus so powerful, as well as presenting the pioneers that rediscovered ormus and introduced it back into modern day alchemy. 


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