Love Based Guide for First Time Ormus Users

Love Based Guide for First Time Ormus Users

The intention of this Ormus Guide is to inform all of our potential or current customers about experiences that may or may not occur during your encounter with this transformative elixir. Because many people are being introduced to Ormus, we would like to share our thoughts on what you may experience when using our products.


We created a love based Ormus Guide for your own transformation that you may experience when you consume this life changing substance.


The purpose of this post is solely for educational purposes and is not meant to replace any medical advice. Our Ormus Guide and all other content is intended for informational purposes only, we are not claiming to treat or cure any illness or disease. Please remember to contact your doctor before trying our products if you have any existing or pre-existing medical conditions or if you have questions about specific prescription drug interactions.


How is Ormus related to the human body?

Every single human body is made up of atoms and elements from the earth. These cells within us contain many of the minerals that construct the entire universe. These elements include the micro and mono atomic level elements, like those found in Ormus and all living things.

These days, much of our soil is stripped of essential minerals we need, so here at Kejiwa we do an alchemical extraction from sea salts to condense these essential minerals into delicious liquid supplement form. So this is very much not a food additive or preservative, it is an activator!

Check out our previous blog post, “What is Ormus” if you would like a more in depth understanding of the science behind Ormus.


How does Ormus affect our body?

The human body is a superconductive stream of energetic light made into physical form by the means of frequencies and vibrations. When we ingest Ormus, our body takes on the vibration of the minerals we have consumed. When we consume high vibrational substances, it allows the body to vibrate to a higher frequency through magnetic resonance. 


Researchers explained that since the purpose of the energy in Ormus is to raise the level of conscious awareness towards enlightenment, and thereby forward evolution, folks whose lifestyles are detrimental to themselves and the world would find Ormus useful for their purposes.  The mental and emotional aspects of those who live in a malevolent manner would now have an energetic material that enhances their way of being.” –Chris Emmons


Ormus fuels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual processes. It appears to assist communication between cells in the physical body, allowing the body to function synergistically. Ormus invites higher vibrations of light into every cell, replacing any lower vibrational energy. This occurrence can alter your entire being. When this energetic shift occurs, our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies will need time for integration of this new energy. 


David Hudson and others remind us that the purpose of Ormus is to raise the level of understanding [consciousness] towards enlightenment and not physical healing.


Ormus promotes brain coherence, mental clarity, and increased level of awareness. It improves the connection to our intuitive and psychic abilities as well as the connection to our Spirits Origin.

Therefore, if you consume ormus you may have unusual experiences come up in your life. 

You could experience a wide range of emotions or emotional purging. Spiritually, you may feel like giving up or wondering if you are in alignment with your highest destiny. On the physical level, you may notice symptoms of detoxing, or your appearance could change.

Those who supplement with Ormus may be more easily able to know [see] what’s what, and thereby make choices in life that are in greater alignment by means of unexplained feelings of connection to a higher state of awareness which periodically receives, from a supreme intelligence, such as belonging to God / Creator / Source, understandings that appear like a flash of insight and sometimes seen in events that occur and which lead to right action. 


Are you feeling a bit out of balance after consuming Ormus? 

If you are experiencing unexplainable emotions, take a deep breath into your center and ground down into the support of Mother Earth. Talk to a friend or family member who you trust. Meditate or take a walk in nature.

If you are feeling disconnected from yourself or the all knowing supreme being of One, take a moment to connect back into the essence of who you are. Explore the reasons behind your faith, and solidify them with the knowing that you are supported and loved at all times.


If you are experiencing a physical purge in the body, then support your body to release whatever needs to be released. Some ideas would be to:

  • Eat a healthy diet that is free from processed foods and animal products.

  • Drink hydrating mineral water.

  • Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • Relax outside in nature.

  • Give your body whatever it is asking for to help support the release of toxins. 


Taking a few moments to pause and reconnect with your breath as it facilitates the healing remembrance that we are already complete within. We are full of love as we expand into this ever evolving transformation of ourselves. 


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If you experience any changes that may seem difficult to handle on your own, please consult your doctor or health care professional for immediate assistance. This blog is intended to be an educational guide to help assist you through subtle energetic shifts in your body, and is not to be taken as medical advice or professional health care recommendation.


Thank you for being apart of this expansive come-unity of Ormus enthusiasts and taking the time to assist yourself into higher forms of thinking and being. We hope that this short guide helps you in understanding what changes may occur during your Ormus experience.

Blessings on your Ormus Alchemy journey!

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