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How To Use Ormus – Ingest, Apply Topically, Share With Your Pets & Water Your Garden

How To Use Ormus – Ingest, Apply Topically, Share With Your Pets & Water Your Garden

A Practical Application Guide on How to use Ormus Minerals for Optimum Health and Well-Being


Did you know that you can use Ormus for skincare, pet health, and gardening?!


Ormus has more uses than you may think.

In the early 1980s, the benefits of this mineral rich substance were first observed through agriculture practices.

It started when farmers began using ORMEs (Ormus) to fertilize their crops. As a result the size of the plant and the fruit it bore increased. This was due to the high content of essential and trace minerals found in the ORMEs liquid.

As the years progressed, Ormus Alchemists began to expand their use of this nutrient rich material. They learned how to structure its use in a diverse way. It introduces high vibrational minerals and nutrients to all parts of life.


“In plants and agriculture, seeds and plants given Ormus have shown more vigor, tolerance to transplanting and drought conditions as well as increased resistance to disease and insects. They demonstrate a shortened growing cycle and increased crop yield. They have also produced larger fruit with a longer shelf life, and assays have shown they contain an increase in mineral content.” – Chris Emmons 



People commonly utilize Ormus as a topical skincare product. It contains essential minerals that we require and allows us to absorb these nutrients through the skin. 


Alchemists condense Ormus into a paste or powder for facial creams and cleansing scrubs, or infuse it into an oil to create a rejuvenating body or facial serum. 


Ormus helps keep our skin clean and clear of bacteria, and rejuvenates us with minerals that keep our complexion bright! Reports of reduction of wrinkles, reversal of graying hair, increased metabolic rate and cell rejuvenation have been reported. 


Ormus supports the body’s natural healing abilities. 


This includes everything from cuts, burns and wounds to muscle tears and sprains. ORME toothpaste and mouth wash help repair gums, teeth, and gut health. Studies show that ORME minerals are cell rejuvenating, promoting a healthy PH balance and cellular hydration

Consumers continue to see awe-inspiring results from supplementing with these minerals. This includes observations such as wrinkles vanishing and grey hair eventually changing back into its original color. 


Studies have shown that supplementing Ormus into one’s daily life can repair DNA.


How to Use Ormus

Pictured: Man using Pure ORMEs to reverse grey hair back to its original color.


Pet Care

In its pure m-state, Ormus is safe for animal consumption. Testing has shown that animals who consume ORMEs on a regular basis have shown an increase in longevity and immunity. It has also shown to help hair and skin growth as well as an increase in vitality and overall well-being.


“In animals given Ormus, more vibrancy and stamina has been observed.  This could lead to decreased mortality, decreased infection and increased weight.  Reports have been shared about animals who displayed a greater level of conscious awareness through body language and look in their eyes.” – Chris Emmons


Disclaimer: (Be aware that you only feed your pets Pure Ormus with no additional ingredients. Some of Kejiwa Ormus contains Xylitol which is NOT safe for dogs, as well as some essential oils that are not safe for animal consumption.)

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In 2003, a cat named Tut had his tail completely severed in an accident. The owner fed her feline friend pure m-state ORMEs and applied it to the end of the cat’s tail everyday. Within three months, the Tut’s tail healed and began to grow back!



How to Use Ormus

Pictured: Tut’s tail after using pure ORMEs daily for 3 months.


Plant Care

The benefits were first seen through applying ORMEs as plant fertilizer. Farmers pre-soak seeds prior to planting, and add ORMEs to their routine feeding or transplanting soil. 

Seeds and plants that were given the Ormus material have shown more vigor, tolerance to transplanting and drought conditions as well as increased resistance to insects and diseases.


Plants that are treated with ORMEs show an increase in crop yield with a shortened growth cycle. They produced larger fruits with a longer shelf life and increased mineral and vitamin contents. 


While Dr. Callahan, one of Barry Carter’s colleagues, has been generally quite supportive of the idea that paramagnetic soils get many of their properties from the presence of the m-state elements; research claims that pure m-state ORMEs exhibit paramagnetic properties, and paramagnetic soils exhibit paramagnetic properties. 


Dr. Callahan claims that the paramagnetic soils help to couple plants to atmospheric electromagnetic energy.

– Barry Carter


When there is an increase in the paramagnetism of soil, plants show better water retention in the soil, increased earthworm and microbial action, better nutrient utilization in plants, improved seed germinationresistance to predators and environmental stresses.


How to Use Ormus

Pictured: Comparison of plants given Ormus as a mineral supplement over a period of one year.


So there you have it.  The Ormus substances enhance our lives, help keep us well, and in time and continued use may assist some in communicating with those who have gone before us. -Chris Emmons


When you look into the truth behind what Ormus is, then you begin to see the reason why it can assist us in many aspects on our path. Because it brings a new perspective into our mindset, we are able to let go of all the energy that is no longer serving our highest good and live a more wholesome life.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of Ormus? Here at Kejiwa we have perfected our craft in order to produce the highest quality Pure ORMEs mineral supplement just for you! Every drop is full of Macro and Micro Trace Minerals and Mono-Atomic Elements waiting to uplift every cell of your being. Feel your divine radiance and nourish your soul.


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