Spagyric Herbal Medicine Benefits

Spagyric Herbal Medicine Benefits

Spagyric Herbal Medicine Benefits Our Entire Physiological System


What is an Herbal Spagyric?

herbal (adj.)

  • relating to or made from herbs, especially those used in cooking and medicine.

spagyric (adj.)

  • Pertaining to alchemy; alchemical, especially regarding medicine.


  • Late Latin spagyricus, from Ancient Greek σπάω (spáō, “I draw, pull”) + ἀγείρω (ageírō, “I assemble”).


Spagyric Herbal Tinctures are alcohol infusions made from plants with medicinal qualities that bring about powerful effects when taken consistently. 

Since the 15th century, spagyrics have been used as a form of medicine to treat and reverse dis-ease in the physical, spiritual and energetic body. These practices date back centuries ago with roots as varied as China, Egypt or Western Europe.


Spagyric Herbal Tinctures are initiatory elixirs crafted with the intention to restore homeostasis; the harmonious balance within the entire body.


You see, it’s not just about physical healing; it’s about how we speak with ourselves and how our thoughts affect our health. When you consume herbal tinctures, you increase your energy and overall well-being in a natural way. You are assisting your body’s innate biological healing capabilities to relieve pain or discomfort while boosting the functioning of each system within you.


When we start digging into the alchemical tradition and the practice of spagyrics or herbal alchemy, we’re not just concentrating on the chemistry of the plant, but also concentrating on the energetics and the spiritual properties of the plant. – Sajah Popham


Spagyric herbal infusions combine the principles of medicine and botany for medicinal purposes.


You might not know much about spagyrics, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard them. Some people take spagyric herbal tinctures as a way of life. Some say that their bodily functions improve in a given time with just one type of herb over a continuous period. 

A spagyric herbal tincture concentrates, extracts, and preserves all of the medicinal virtues within a plant. It is prepared by slowly extracting the medicinal and energetic essence of a plant by combining it with a substance, such as alcohol.

The process may take a several weeks or months to complete. With this herbal practice, it’s the process, time, and energy itself that infuses into your spagyric tincture to make it a potent herbal medicine.

The alchemical process we walk these herbs through while creating each Spagyric is an initiation into a higher vibrational state of purity and potency, which you then get to experience when working with this intentional elixir.


Spagyric Herbal Medicine Benefits


The whole goal of spagyrics is that we are preserving the life force of the plant, the wholeness of the plant, its body, its intelligence, its spirit, and its soul, so that it will heal the whole person. It’ll heal our physical being, our psychological and emotional being, and even heal us on more of a spiritual level as well.

-Sajah Popham


Spagyrists believe that all plants have three parts: the body (physical), the mind (soul) and spiritus or “breath” which connects them together. These 3 aspects corelate to the 3 parts of a Spagyria; the tincture / alcohol extraction (Spirit), Hydrosol & essential oil distillation / water extraction (Soul) and the Calcined Crystal plant salts (Body). We, the alchemist, are simply bridging these elements through with the power of alchemical intention aligned with celestial and cosmic energies.


Strong spagyric medicine is obtained from developing this relationship and from understanding the harmonics that unite us with the natural world that surrounds us.
– Sajah Popham


Every plant has a corresponding planetary alignment that represents their energetic qualities.  When you formulate a true spagyric herbal tincture, you’re harnessing the wisdom of the seven inner planets during the alchemical  process. These planets include the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn & Mercury. When you create your essence on the day and time of the planetary alignment, you infuse the potent qualities of the planetary influence into your medicine.


So you want to live a more energetic and healthier life?


Why not? Wouldn’t you want to be at your optimum prime as often as possible? Spagyric herbal tinctures are here to assist your highest potential in both body and soul. Spagyrics are herbal supplements made of plant-based ingredients that have their origins in traditional medicine practices. 


Pinion Pine Spagyric


Spagyric herbal medicine benefits the entire body through its increased bioavailability of full spectrum vitamins and minerals.  Herbal tinctures can give you support throughout all layers of tissue or organs like kidneys and uterus; lessening pain caused by joint stiffness due to arthritis; increasing energy levels through adrenal fatigue relief (among many other benefits).


The plants heal us, the plants teach us, the plants become a bridge to connect us to these archetypes, and then they turn us into a living medicine. That ultimately is the pathway of the alchemical herbalist.

– Sajah Popham


The human body and mind are powerful tools to work with if you’re willing to explore them. The tinctures you use can be a simple way to add an uplifting element into your day. 

Those of us who have been lucky enough to find our way into these herbal realms understand how transformative an open-minded approach can be. 

When we look at the world through a spiritual lens, it can seem like there are many paths to take. We’re all on our own journey. In order for us to get where we want to go, we have to do what is best for ourselves. This doesn’t mean that one path is better than another or that you should be following someone else’s footsteps, but rather, each of us has something unique inside waiting to come out and shine.


Are you ready to embark on a journey with this powerful plant medicine?


The wildcrafted and organic herbs we utilize in our blends are potent herbal allies with specific health benefits to help you rediscover your inner healing abilities.

Everyone can experience their peak physical vitality. This is when you are at your strongest, healthiest, and most capable of accomplishing whatever you set your mind to. When we experience our best physical health, it creates a crucial foundation for living by functioning optimally in every way. 


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Here at Kejiwa, we have developed powerfully potent elixirs to support all stages of your spiritual path. Our spagyric herbal medicine benefits every aspect of your energetic and physical body. We have herbal blends for both men and women. We also specialize in seasonal Spagyrics and astrologically focused herbal tinctures, also known as astroherbalism. Herbal tinctures are crafted during the planetary day and times that each plant aligns with, and they infuse over a 28 day moon cycle.


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For more information on Spagyrics and what they are check out Sajah Popham with Evolutionary Herbalism!


Blessings and Gratitude!

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