Protect and Strengthen your Immune System with Piñon Pine

Protect and Strengthen your Immune System with Piñon Pine

Pine Trees have been used to treat colds, respiratory, and other flu related illnesses for centuries.


Native American tribes have been harvesting Piñon Pines for hundreds of years. Piñon Pine trees are rich in nutrition and effective medicinal properties.

One early legend asserts that the “tree of life” is a Piñon pine rooted in ancient cultural sites found within areas of Pinyon Canyon, Colorado. 

Piñon Pine trees support steadiness, longevity, and personal power because of their ability to adapt and withstand some of the most harsh conditions. They are one of the most drought resistant trees which was beneficial to the early Native American Tribes of Southwestern America. 


“In folk tales, the height of the Pine tree has led to its symbolic reputation as a tree that loves the sunlight and is always growing taller in order to catch the beams. This is a belief that is shared throughout many cultures, which also refer to it as “The Master of Light” and “The Torch Tree.”


There was a time when native tribes also survived on Piñon trees.

Piñon Pines produce Piñon nuts, which are found in the cones of female pinyon trees. These nuts are high in calories and fats which can fuel and replenish the body of the hunting and gathering lifestyle of the Native American people.

Tribes would gather them in the fall and use them throughout the winter to keep their people energized and strong.


Piñon Pine tree in Sedona, Arizona

Piñon Pine tree in Sedona, Arizona


Piñon Pine is used in Native American ceremonies to clear the air, heal, balance energies, and provide mental strength, and support fertility. 


Considered sacred by many tribes, Piñon Pine sweet-smelling wood and resin is burned as smudging incense to create a purified space.

In healing ceremonies, the scent of smoky pinyon pine invokes clairvoyance, compassion, and spiritual strength. 

It represents healing, peace, and harmony, as well as energetic protection.

Pine is also used to clear and protect one’s aura and energetic field. It teaches us the power of control, balance, and moving beyond negativity, jealousy or anger that place limitations on our physical reality. 


Piñon Pine is a potent essential oil that infuses the body with vitality and health. 


Piñon Pine soothes the symptoms of colds, coughs, sinusitis, asthma, and the flu.

Native American tribes have used pine for many medicinal uses that are still applicable alternatives for organic treatment in today’s modern society. It is said that needles were steeped for tea and the inner bark was used to stave off starvation. 

Saturated with high amounts of vitamin C, Piñon Pine supports immune function, calms inflammation, and clears the respiratory tract.

It restores and balances energy levels, which can be a relief from the uncomfortable and lethargic feelings that arise with breathing challenges.


Piñon Pine Resin “Piñon Pitch” Piñon Pine Resin “Piñon Pitch”


The Piñon Pine has powerful minerals and antioxidants that help keep the immune system strong. 


Piñon Pine contains a commonly known mineral shikimic acid, aka Suramin. Suramin has powerful inhibitory effects against blood coagulation and protects your RNA and DNA of inappropriate modification and replication.

Piñon is full of antioxidants that assist in treating cancer, inflammation, and pain. It is also anti-parasitic which helps to keep your gut biome healthy and thriving.  


Piñon Pine resin is called “Piñon Pitch”.  It is a skin remedy widely used by native tribes as it penetrates the skin easily, kills harmful bacteria, and encourages tissue regeneration.


The resin is a powerful drawing agent that can pull out infections and toxins from insect bites and help heal wounds. It can be used like a super glue to assist in mending cuts and sores.


Piñon Pine pitch contains flavonoids and volatile oils that help to reduce inflammation and stimulate topical circulation. In turn, it can soothe sore muscles and help break up congestion in the chest.

It is antimicrobial and anti-fungal, which helps to heal eczema and other skin irritations. Native tribes would also chew on Piñon resin to to help heal ulcers in the mouth and upset stomachs.


Piñon Pine Resin oozing from a tree in California

Piñon Pine Resin oozing from a tree in California


Piñon Pine resin acts as an insulator for the tree during the winter months, and functions as a “Band-aid” to protect any openings from bacteria and pests. 


The Piñon pine is an extremely hardy, slow growing pine that can take intense heat, cold, and is an extremely drought tolerant species.

These pines flourish in Southwestern North America, and occupy land in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California and Utah. 


Piñon Pine is classified as the conifer group, or cone-bearing seed plants. They grow in groups and are usually mixed in with Juniper trees.

Composed of round needles that radiate from all directions of the twig, Piñon vary the amount of needles depending on the area they are growing in. 


Here in Northern Arizona, we have the two-needle Piñon Pine which is a native hybrid descendant of the Madro-Tertiary Geoflora conifer trees.


 In particular, Sedona, Arizona is home to these sacred pines, and we use a sustainable process of harvesting and distilling the local Piñon Pine into our Alchemy here at Kejiwa.

We hike into remote and peaceful parts of the land here in search of vibrant and lively groups Piñon Pines. 


Giving offerings to the Piñon Pine before harvesting

Giving offerings to the Piñon Pine before harvesting


Piñon Pine is a beautiful tree that has wonderful medicine to give to the world.


As the natives still practice sacred harvesting of the pine, we are also stewards of the honored practice. We listen to the trees and wait for them to speak to us. They are responsive and inform us of their eagerness to become medicine. Prayers of gratitude and offerings of water or sage are given to thank the spirit of the tree and its medicine it would like to share. 


We harvest with intent and never take more than 10% to ensure sustainability. We believe in allowing them to flourish and want them to sustain life for themselves and others. After we have harvested what we need for our alchemy, we give another round of gratitude and thankful prayers to the life that they have graciously given us. 


Here at Kejiwa we have alchemized this harmonious tree into potent herbalism that we feel blessed to share with you. Our Piñon Pineal Spagyric will boost cell immunity, clarify, invigorate, and uplift the mind. 


Piñon Pine Tincture

Piñon Pine Tincture


Expand your spiritual connection with the great sacred spirit of the Piñon Pine. 


The Piñon Pineal Spagyria contains hormone supporting pinyon pine pollen and distilled local Piñon pine hydrosol mixed with our potent 28 day lunar cycle pinyon tincture.

This blend will elevate your mood by clearing the mind of stress, energizing the body to help eliminate fatigue, enhancing concentration, and promoting a positive outlook.

It assists in banishing the negativity surrounding your mind, body, and spirit.

In turn you will find that your immune system is stronger and can function more rapidly to keep your mind, body, and spirit in complete wholeness.  


Experience our Piñon Pine Herbal Tincture here:


Our inspiring Ringing Cedar Ormus contains Wild harvested Siberian Pine oils. This powerful blend of therapeutic essences infused into our superconductive Ormus will keep your body vibrantly charged. It brings internal balance and vital strength back into your body and energetic field. 


Disclaimer: Do not use or ingest Pine products if you are pregnant. Pine medicine may cause contractions and/or abortions because of certain high acid contents contained within the Pine. 


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