Sun Honoring Meditation

Sun Honoring Meditation

Summer Solstice Blessings!

Sun Gazing is a spiritual practice of absorbing the prana of the sun through your eyes.

Some believe that it is possible to thrive on sunlight alone aka Breatharianism.⁠

You can gaze directly at the sun during sunrise and sunset or you may gaze with your eyes closed while the sun is high in the sky.⁠

To our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, may you In~Joy the peak of the Sacred Sunshine on the longest day of the year. ⁠

To our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, we send eternal sunlight to you to warm your soul on this Winter Solstice. ⁠

Join us for this outdoor meditation or indoor visualization from anywhere in the world.⁠


Sun Honoring Mediation ✨⁠⁠


Gaze upon the Sun and receive the full spectrum of rainbow light into every cell of your being. ⁠

Move your body in celebration of the fullness of life that this day brings! ⁠

Invite Sol energy to ignite your heart aglow and melt tension in your body into golden honey nectar.⁠

Palms to the Sun, drink in every light ray that kisses your skin, awakening the infinite creative potential alive within you.⁠

Feel the warmth of the solar rays as they enliven every cell of your body and strengthen your entire being with the Light of Source.⁠

Speak your intentions aloud with passion in your heart.

“Beloved Sun, I gratefully call on You to⁠

Illuminate my inner truth⁠

Empower me to take aligned action & see my desires through⁠

Burn away all that no longer serves my highest good⁠

Transmute all stagnancy into inspiring, delightful, creative energy⁠

Ripen my heart’s desires and revitalize my gifts⁠

Shine healing, loving consciousness into my life & into the lives of All.”⁠

Bring your hands to your heart and offer your gratitude to the Sun.⁠

Give thanks for this abundant, Source of light; for the warmth and life given so generously from dawn until dusk.⁠

“Carry your heart through this world like a life-giving sun.”

With Love Kejiwa⁠

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