Celebrate the Cosmically Aligned Lionsgate Portal

Celebrate the Cosmically Aligned Lionsgate Portal

Celebrate the Cosmically Aligned Lionsgate Portal


The cosmically aligned Lionsgate Portal is at its peak on August 8th… 8/8!

A powerful, auspicious day of Bold, Beautiful, Heart Centered, Divine Activation into higher states of consciousness! ✨


What is Lion’s Gateway?

Each summer, the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, disappears behind the Sun.

On 8/8, Lionsgate is activated when the helical rising of star Sirius, our Greater Central Sun, illuminates the sky along with the Sun shining brilliant golden light in Leo.

Sirius is known as our Greater Central Sun, or the Cosmic Christ, shining 2x larger and 10-25x brighter than our Sun.

Revered by the ancient Egyptians as the Nile Star or Star of Isis ~ the rising of Sirius coincided with the annual rising of the Nile River, which nourished the land and crops, a time of abundance, harvest & fertility.

The numerology of 8/8 also holds a powerful vibration of abundance, prosperity, and infinity ~ the eternal Source that flows within you and guides you on your soul’s highest path.

The Lionsgate Portal activates the Cosmic Christ energy (Sirius) within our hearts (Leo), awakening light codes of higher consciousness in our DNA.

8/8 is a beautiful opportunity to align your heart with the love and purity of Source Light. While this Divine consciousness is always available to you, this is a time of amplified energy that greatly supports you to upgrade and shift out of ways of being that are not serving you into a loving vibration of joy, abundance, harmony, and inspiration.


Join us for a special Ceremony with the Leo Alchemy set to align your heart with the love & purity of Source Light.


Enjoy a wonderful experience with this Ceremony with/without the Leo Alchemy ~  feel free to integrate other elixirs: our Venus Love or a quality Rosewater spray, I A-Rose Ormus &/or Chamomile tea, orange juice with/without the Leo Spagyria & a citrus aromatherapy oil.


Gather your Alchemy & Sacred objects & settle into a comfortable space for your Lion’s gate journey.


✨Start with a smudge to purify yourself, your space and sacred items.

✨Place a hand on your heart & a hand on your belly. Breathe deeply to settle into the here & now. As you exhale, tone any sounds that want to come out.

✨Take a few moments to call in your light from anywhere or anyone you may have left it with. Then visualize your Light essence coming back to you from across all lifetimes, timelines, and dimensions; your light is coming back home to you! 

✨ As your light is integrating back into your being, feel it filling you with strength, fiery passion and loving presence.

✨ Lovingly mist yourself with the Leo Alche-Mist ~ receive the soothing, cleansing & heart-centering botanicals of Rose, Rosemary, Chamomile, Bergamot & Gemstone essences as they kiss your skin. 

✨ Prepare your Ormus & infuse your loving intentions into this superconductive elixir.

✨Inhale the aroma of the Mandarin Rose Ormus & feel the blissful essence awaken joy, sweetness & love in your being. 

☀️ Sip & savor while visualizing Cosmic Christ energy shining in your heart, awakening light codes of higher consciousness in your DNA.⁠

✨ Meditate on the symbol of infinity & feel the vibrations of abundance & eternal life source flowing through you, connecting to All that Is.

✨ With every breath, ecstatically embody full-spectrum Source light of infinite love. As you connect to this divine consciousness, what arises for you? 

✨ Listen to the wisdom of your heart.

✨ Pick up the Leo Spagyria & give thanks for the calming, elevating, brain-boosting herbs of vitality.  Place 1 or 2 droppers full under your tongue and feel the warmth of circulation, energizing you as you envision every cell filled with vibrancy. 

✨ Sit with this radiant energy as you envision embodying your highest purpose.

✨ Open your Aromatherapy oil & breathe in the aroma of Grapefruit, Neroli Blossom, Bergamot, & Mandarin.  Roll this euphoric oil onto your wrists & neck, enjoying the sensuous botanical sun rays uplifting your body, mind & spirit.

✨ Close by thanking Creator for this healing Lionsgate portal & for all the plant, mineral & spirit essences that blessed you with their love-in support.

✨ Thank you for taking the time for you to activate and amplify your energy and source Light within you. What a powerful portal to step up into your highest self embodiment!


To align even more deeply with these potent cosmic energies, we highly recommend our Leo Zodiac Alchemy set, Lion’s Gate Vitality Spagyria &/or I A-Rose Ormus.


Blessings to a glorious heart-centered activation of vitality & prosperity on 8/8!


With love,
Monica and the Kejiwa team



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