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Awakening with Palo Santo

Awakening with Palo Santo

Let’s drop in and connect with the tranquil and peaceful nature that Palo Santo instills in our lives. 


Palo Santo is a powerfully cleansing sacred “holy wood” that comes from a tree known as the “Bursera Graveolens.”

It has been praised by indeginous cultures for its powerful healing and purifying properties.

Shamans have used Palo Santo in ceremonies for centuries as it assists in removing obstacles and negativity from the energetic field, bringing a sense of mindfulness and balance into the emotional body.


These qualities make it a great tool to use when clearing sacred spaces of any unwanted energies. 


Palo Santo has traditionally been used to help alleviate symptoms from the cold or the flu as it supports the body’s natural immune defenses and helps to open the respiratory airways.

The aromatic benefits relieve depression and anxiety, while reducing headaches and inflammation, making it a great oil to use in therapeutic massages. It is also used as a natural bug repellent, helping to keep away those pesky bugs!


Bursera Graveolens “Sacred Holy Wood”

Bursera Graveolens “Sacred Holy Wood”  



I feel called to shed some light on what is actually happening in the forest where Palo Santo comes from. Many people have said that Palo Santo is an endangered species and that we should avoid using it all together. Here are the actual facts of what is happening with the sacred “holy wood” that we call Palo Santo. 

There are two species of trees that grow in similar climates; one is called the “Bursera Graveolens” and the other is known as the “Bulnesia Sarmientoi.”While both of these trees carry the same common name as “Palo Santo,” they are actually not closely related, and are not used for the same purposes.

The Bulnesia Sarmientoi grows in a region just south of where the Bursera Graveolens grows, and is actually known to be endangered due to the heavy deforestation of the land. The land is being used for cattle grazing and the wood is being used as timber and sometimes sold as Palo Santo.  


Bursera Graveolens is the true “Holy Wood” used by indeginous cultures to cleanse sacred spaces. 


While the Bursera Graveolens needs to be conserved for sustainability, it is currently not considered endangered by the IUCN.


Because of this, it is important to know where your Palo Santo is being harvested and making sure it is from a sustainable source that is honoring and conserving this sacred tree.

South American Regions where Palo Santo is harvested
South American Regions where Palo Santo is harvested  



You can experience the mystical and cleansing vibes of the Palo Santo wood in our Aries Alchemy Aromatherapy oil and Forest Spirit Alche-Mist. 


Our Palo Santo is wildcrafted from ecological and sustainably sourced “Bursera Graveolens” in the forest of Ecuador.

During this process, the wood is collected from the already fallen limbs of the tree as the wood must be aged for a certain amount of time (minimum 3-5 years) for the resin oil to become present. 


The longer the wood ages, the denser the oil becomes. 


As we are now in Aries season and the New Moon in Aries is upon us, our Aries Aromatherapy oil in our Aries Alchemy Set and the Forest Spirit Alche-Mist are the perfect addition to support you during this time. 

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and is aligned with the fiery and masculine energy of Mars. This combination ushers in a sense of moving forward and accomplishing your goals and dreams.

Our Aries Alchemy helps to bring focus, clarity, and concentration to your energetic field as it helps to relieve the stress and anxiety that may come with the impulsive and risk taking Aries energy.

Additionally, these Palo Santo blends support your creative intuition and help brighten the energy in the room while inviting positive vibrations of wholeness and well being.


To have your own unique experience, check out the Aries Alchemy Set and Forest Spirit Alche-Mist in the links below! 


Gratitude and Blessings! 



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