Cacao Bliss Bites with Rose Ormus

Cacao Bliss Bites with Rose Ormus

Divine and Elevating Cacao date balls with Rose Ormus to nourish your heart and soothe your soul.


This delicious, heart-opening treat nourishes your body while inspiring love and connection.

Prepare your tastebuds to embark on a journey of delight with our Rose Ormus infused Cacao Bliss Bites. A sweet treat that is divinely delicious, and so packed with nutritional value that it's hard to believe!

This culinary creation is an artistry of love.

Dive into the divine taste of these Cacao Bliss Bites infused with Rose Ormus.

They perfectly blend delicious flavor and flourishing health with a powerhouse of adaptogens, antioxidants, and essential minerals.

Imagine experiencing the chocolatey richness of cacao combined with the decadent sweetness of dates, knowing that with each bite, you are indulging in a delight that benefits your body, mind, and soul.

These bites are a true treat that nourish every aspect of your being. Who needs bland health supplements when you can get your nutrients in such a delightful form?

Our relationship with food often speaks to our emotional status. Emotional eating—we've all been there. Comfort food can soothe us for a second, but how about a snack that offers more than momentary relief?

That's exactly what Cacao Bliss Bites with Rose Ormus do! They're a call to feed your soul, embrace self-love, and pamper your taste buds. Who said comfort food should be a guilty pleasure?

Next time you're craving something sweet and indulgent, remember these soul-soothing, health-boosting alchemical wonders, Cacao Bliss Bites with Rose Ormus, are here to elevate your well-being. Trust us, your body, soul, and mind will thank you for choosing them!


Cacao Bliss Bites with Rose Ormus Recipe:



1 cup your choice of Nuts

1 cup Medjool Dates (pitted)

2 TB Raw Cacao

1 tsp adptogenic Ashwagandha (optional)

Drizzle of Maple Syrup (optional)

3 Tbsp Kejiwa Rose Ormus

✧ 1 Tbsp Euphoria powder by Anima Mundi (Optional)




Blend nuts in a food processor or blender until they have a crumbly texture.

Add dates, cacao and ashwagandha and blend again. If the mixture looks dry, add a drizzle of maple syrup and mix again.

Once everything is sticky and blended together, add in Ormus and mix together gently with wooden or plastic spatula, infusing the mixture with your intention.

Roll into balls

Enjoy immediately, and store leftover bites in a sealed container at room temp, or keep them in the fridge.


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An inspired creation by Kejiwa friend Erinn


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