The Power of Orgone and it's Ability to Cleanse Negative Energy

The Power of Orgone and it's Ability to Cleanse Negative Energy

What is Orgone Energy?

Most people know that Orgonite is a combination of crystals and metals in resin, but not everyone knows what Orgone energy is. 

Have you ever felt a certain energy in a space that just made you feel good? Maybe it was a peacefulness or feeling of love. Or maybe it was something that made you feel more grounded, like being in nature. Whatever it was, you can be sure that there was a positive presence of orgone energy!

Orgone energy is a term used to describe the vital life force energy that is all around us. It is similar to what the ancients called prana, chi, or universal energy.



What is Orgonite?


Orgonite is created by layering organic and inorganic materials to harness this vital life force energy and amplify it so you can truly feel a sensation with it.

When orgonite is within range of a source of negative energy (like electromagnetic frequencies—EMFs), it will efficiently and continuously transform it into positive energy.

With Orgonites becoming more popular, there are a lot of fake orgonites now being produced. If it is super lightweight and barely has any crystals in it (if any), then it isn't a true orgonite and you won't feel the effects described here. Those are really just a decoration.

Our Orgonites are packed full of high quality crystals and metals; you can tell they are potent by the heaviness of them and the energy you can feel simply by being in their presence.

Check them out today to see (and feel) the difference for yourself!

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The History of Orgone Energy

The term “orgone” was first coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1940s as he was researching this unique form of universal life force energies. His findings were largely opposed by the scientific community at large, but his work laid the foundation for what we now know about orgone today.

Since then, there has been a resurgence in interest in this topic as we become more aware of the detrimental effects of EMFs on our health. As EMF exposure increases with our ever-growing dependence on technology, it is more important than ever to find ways to protect ourselves from these harmful frequencies. One way to do this is by using orgonite in our everyday lives!


Why You Need Orgonite in Your Life

One of the main reasons why you need orgonite in your life is to protect yourself from EMF radiation. EMF radiation is emitted from all types of electronic devices, including cell phones, laptops, computers, tablets, televisions, microwaves, and even baby monitors. Prolonged exposure to EMF radiation has been linked to a variety of health concerns, including headaches, fatigue, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and memory problems.

Another reason to have orgonite in your home is for its ability to cleanse negative energy. Whether you live in a busy city or a remote location, there are always going to be sources of negative energy around you. By having orgonite in your space, you can rest assured that any negative energy will be quickly & efficiently transformed into positive energy.


How To Use Orgonite

Now that you know a little bit more about orgonite and how it works, you may be wondering how you can use it in your own life to create a more positive space. Here are some ideas:

  • Place an orgonite next to your computer keyboard or near your wifi router to help neutralize EMF radiation exposure while working or surfing the internet.
  • Carry an orgonite amulet or pendant with you throughout the day to help balance your personal energies while also protecting you from harmful EMFs.
  • Hold an orgonite or place one on your body while meditating or doing other healing work.
  • Put an orgonite near plants or flowers to help them grow stronger and healthier.



Orgone energy is a vital life force that has been around since the beginning of time. If you're looking for a way to protect yourself from EMF radiation or cleanse negative energy from your space, orgonite is the perfect solution. Orgonite is easy to use and can be placed anywhere in your home or office. Thanks to its powerful cleansing & energizing properties, orgonite is an essential tool for anyone looking to create a high-vibe space.

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