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The Spiritual Benefits of American Made Monatomic Gold Powder

Monoatomic Gold Powder Has Many Spiritual Benefits To Offer

Did you know that the human body contains trace amounts of monatomic gold?


That’s right, and when you use supplements containing extremely small amounts of gold, some believe that it can beneficial to your health, well-being and spiritual well-being.

Spiritual Benefits

Monatomic gold powder has been used for centuries to supplement the body in many ways. There is a strong belief in many spiritual communities that monatomic gold can enhance cosmic awareness and generally boost brain performance. This is not necessarily backed by scientific studies, so it’s more about your own personal response and consciousness.

Furthermore, some believe that monatomic powder helps the internal organs function at a higher level. It has long been believed by shamans and spiritualists in many cultures that the purity of gold in its monatomic form reacts with the body at the cellular level to boost performance.

There are many natural products available to help you raise your consciousness to the next level and get in touch with the heartbeat of our planet.

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