… It is no surprise that their products are so uplifting, rejuvenating, and magical!


I’ve had the pleasure of trying their WOMAN’S TRANSFORMATION TRIO and I was absolutely in Love from the first drop – the Ormus, tincture, and spray. I’m a person who’s very sensitive to energy and I could immediately feel the Love, care, and intention that goes into it… I especially Love the Rose Ormus; I can easily drink the whole bottle!

I highly recommend Kejiwa if you’re looking to elevate your health and your spirit with brilliantly and magically crafted products. I’ll definitely continue using their goodies and recommend it to my clients and friends.

Noa Lakshmi
Empowerment mentor, detoxification specialist & Intuitive Astrologer.

I have been using Kejiwa products for over five years … I immediately fell in love with the vibration pouring out.

Danielle Federico / Elora Rose

I purchased the Rose Ormus and it was an instant love. It has helped me in healing auto-immune symptoms that had been present within my body for nearly two decades. Working with these products has been so inspiring and healing, that I am now using them and teaching about them in all of the training’s that I lead for Women’s Spiritual Studies… Monica, the owner of Kejiwa is so committed to her brand and honors the purity of her work with such devotion that it is no wonder these elixirs of light are so beneficial! …

Danielle Federico / Elora Rose
Intuitive Spirit Coach, Yogi, Self-love motivator and creator of The Ellora Method

Kejiwa’s products are of the highest caliber!

Aaron Michael Pyne Sacred Vision Designs

Crafted with amazing ingredients and extensive knowledge, these products are powerful to support any spiritual practice and transformation. Kejiwa’s products are bringing back ancient alchemical wisdom that we sooooo need right now in modern times. I recommend them to my client’s for additional support in their meditations and healing journeys.

Aaron Michael Pyne
Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, Ceremonialist, Visionary Artist

nutritionally balanced, taste delicious, and make you feel fantastic

David Wolfe testimonial for Kejiwa products

Kejiwa’s use of impeccable wild-food ingredients combined with their commitment to integrity delivers wonderful products that are nutritionally balanced, taste delicious, and make you feel fantastic.

David Wolfe

I can literally taste the Love and Care

Rebecca Astara Stuchen Kejiwa Testimonial

I’ve tried many brands on the market and even brewed my own and nothing is as delicious, activating & healing as Kejiwa. I can literally taste the Love and Care. It is Truly Divine Nectar!

Rebecca Stuchen

eases my heart, soul and nervous system and takes me to a space of deep peace inside of myself. That is truly a gift.

Taylor Estes Eyewalker Essentials Kejiwa Testimonial

I took one sniff of this and it completely catapulted me into another space and time. Illup is a masterful scent alchemist and as a fellow smellologist I use those words very sparingly. No words describe the feeling I get when I bask in the essence of Sedona, but it’s definitely one that eases my heart, soul and nervous system and takes me to a space of deep peace inside of myself. That is truly a gift.

Thank you Illup for all you do!

Taylor Estes

attention to detail, their commitment to integrity, and their use of wild-crafted ingredients sets Kejiwa apart from the rest

Daniel Vitalist loves kejiwa

The quality of these small-scale, artfully created batches can not be rivaled by the mass manufacturers. Their attention to detail, their commitment to integrity, and their use of wild-crafted ingredients sets Kejiwa apart from the rest!

Daniel Vitalis

We’d love to hear from you and so would our come-unity!

We’re excited to hear about your experience with our alchemy creations and would greatly appreciate you taking the time to share with us.

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Product Reviews

  1. Kate Hoffman

    This is a potent heart opener. When you know you might need a little extra compassion for the day or situation you’re heading to this is the Alche-Mist to use. Inhaling deeply, I can feel the petals of my heart open. It is a beautiful mist with a soft rose scent that lasts just as long as you’d want it.

    Venus Love (Rose) Alche-MistVenus Love (Rose) Alche-Mist

  2. Kate Hoffman

    This was the first Alchemist that I purchased and I was so happy to have it as part of my life. It is incredibly grounding and clearing. I’ve used it to clear my own energy field as well as rooms in my home to clear energy for meditation or social gatherings.

    Forest Spirit Alche-MistForest Spirit Alche-Mist

  3. Hanni B. Love

    Great product! I use this tincture as a part of my daily routine to help me stay balanced, and it kept me as cool as a cucumber. Try it, you are going to love it! <3

    Radiant Goddess SpagyriaRadiant Goddess Spagyria

  4. Shallon Jade

    I Am In Love with the Vital Woman Spagyria! It has become a regular part of my morning and afternoon routine! So blessed to have found such a high-vibe and balanced product!

    Sincere Love and Gratitude for your creations!

    Radiant Goddess SpagyriaRadiant Goddess Spagyria

  5. Henryji

    This is truly a product for the next generation. Anybody interested in elevating and expanding consciousness can benefit by imbibing in this alchemical Ormus product. I personally have found through many samplings that the proof is in the pudding…and in this case it’s in the ultraviolet miron glass. On top of consuming it myself in creative sessions this is one of my favorite gifts to give to friends to share the spirit of Sedona and contemporary alchemy.

    I A-Rose OrmusI A-Rose Ormus

  6. Nathaniel Solace

    During my birthday gathering in March. The Glorious Emma Clare Juniper surprised me with a visit and a bottle of Kejiwa’s TRIPLE LOTUS ORMUS.

    This is quite the experience. Dropping me so deeply into my heart, into my breath, and into my joy. I was instantly bathed in frequencies of gratitude, relaxation and elation the moment the Ormus touched my lips.

    Kejiwa makes some of the most incredible products I have ever tried in my life and I highly recommend them to all of you!

    Lotus Crown OrmusLotus Crown Ormus

  7. Kendra Mark

    All I can really say about this product is that it is total magic. The combination of Rose, which is the highest natural frequency known on the planet, and the ancient inherent wisdom and nutrient value of Ormus feels extraordinary. I LOVE combining I A Rose Ormus with meditation in nature.

    I A-Rose OrmusI A-Rose Ormus

  8. Hanni Love

    Amazing quality product and absolutely delicious scent. Each spray takes you on a magical journey of the present moment. My new favorite aromatherapy product! ~ Hanni B. love

    Jasmine Passion Alche-MistJasmine Passion Alche-Mist

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