attention to detail, their commitment to integrity, and their use of wild-crafted ingredients sets Kejiwa apart from the rest

Daniel Vitalist loves kejiwa

The quality of these small-scale, artfully created batches can not be rivaled by the mass manufacturers. Their attention to detail, their commitment to integrity, and their use of wild-crafted ingredients sets Kejiwa apart from the rest!

Daniel Vitalis

eases my heart, soul and nervous system and takes me to a space of deep peace inside of myself. That is truly a gift.

Taylor Estes Eyewalker Essentials Kejiwa Testimonial

I took one sniff of this and it completely catapulted me into another space and time. Illup is a masterful scent alchemist and as a fellow smellologist I use those words very sparingly. No words describe the feeling I get when I bask in the essence of Sedona, but it’s definitely one that eases my heart, soul and nervous system and takes me to a space of deep peace inside of myself. That is truly a gift.

Thank you Illup for all you do!

Taylor Estes

I can literally taste the Love and Care

Rebecca Astara Stuchen Kejiwa Testimonial

I’ve tried many brands on the market and even brewed my own and nothing is as delicious, activating & healing as Kejiwa. I can literally taste the Love and Care. It is Truly Divine Nectar!

Rebecca Stuchen

nutritionally balanced, taste delicious, and make you feel fantastic

David Wolfe testimonial for Kejiwa products

Kejiwa’s use of impeccable wild-food ingredients combined with their commitment to integrity delivers wonderful products that are nutritionally balanced, taste delicious, and make you feel fantastic.

David Wolfe

Kejiwa’s products are of the highest caliber!

Aaron Michael Pyne Sacred Vision Designs

Crafted with amazing ingredients and extensive knowledge, these products are powerful to support any spiritual practice and transformation. Kejiwa’s products are bringing back ancient alchemical wisdom that we sooooo need right now in modern times. I recommend them to my client’s for additional support in their meditations and healing journeys.

Aaron Michael Pyne
Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, Ceremonialist, Visionary Artist

I have been using Kejiwa products for over five years … I immediately fell in love with the vibration pouring out.

Danielle Federico / Elora Rose

I purchased the Rose Ormus and it was an instant love. It has helped me in healing auto-immune symptoms that had been present within my body for nearly two decades. Working with these products has been so inspiring and healing, that I am now using them and teaching about them in all of the training’s that I lead for Women’s Spiritual Studies… Monica, the owner of Kejiwa is so committed to her brand and honors the purity of her work with such devotion that it is no wonder these elixirs of light are so beneficial! …

Danielle Federico / Elora Rose
Intuitive Spirit Coach, Yogi, Self-love motivator and creator of The Ellora Method

… It is no surprise that their products are so uplifting, rejuvenating, and magical!


I’ve had the pleasure of trying their WOMAN’S TRANSFORMATION TRIO and I was absolutely in Love from the first drop – the Ormus, tincture, and spray. I’m a person who’s very sensitive to energy and I could immediately feel the Love, care, and intention that goes into it… I especially Love the Rose Ormus; I can easily drink the whole bottle!

I highly recommend Kejiwa if you’re looking to elevate your health and your spirit with brilliantly and magically crafted products. I’ll definitely continue using their goodies and recommend it to my clients and friends.

Noa Lakshmi
Empowerment mentor, detoxification specialist & Intuitive Astrologer.

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Product Reviews

  1. Aubrey Webb

    Couldn’t love this more! Talk about major third-eye activation!! *_* wow!!!! My first experience learning about “spagyria” tinctures and I could feel the synergy of the mix so strongly. I think it truly is more bio-available. This is truly alchemy at work-highly highly recommend this!

    Piñon Pineal SpagyriaPiñon Pineal Spagyria

  2. Aubrey Webb

    This ormus is life-changing! I had recently been told of the ringing cedars in Siberia and have been fascinated by them and their energy, and this was a truly wonderful way to get to experience that magical energy, within my own energy field! What a blessing! The clarity and insight I gained immediately upon using this was, honestly, shocking! and the taste is just divine 🙂 I can’t wait to order another bottle soon!

    Ringing Cedar (Siberian Pine) OrmusRinging Cedar (Siberian Pine) Ormus

  3. Shawn A (verified owner)

    This is the most fragrant, amazing ormus thatbI have ever tasted in my life. When I received my order today & took my first smell & sip, I was so tickled/enamored by the aroma & taste. You can just tell that these products were crafted with love. I think I’m going to place another order, as Innever want to be without these products. Thankful that the universe guided me here.

    Lotus Crown OrmusLotus Crown Ormus

  4. Cyndi Myers (verified owner)

    Wow! I love the Rose ormus! I have been using it almost daily for the last 2.5 weeks. Immediately I fell my energy and vibration raise upon drinking this delicious nectar of the Egyptians. Thank you!

    I A-Rose OrmusI A-Rose Ormus

  5. Thomas Williams (verified owner)

    Very happy with this product so far. When people said this Ormus taste good they were serious. I almost wanna drink the whole bottle and chug it. It tastes a lot like the vegan eggnog I made for Christmas. My meditations were very deep very quick. I found myself more easily connected to God or source. At night when I sleep my dreams are extremely vivid and spiritual and that’s how I know it’s the real deal. This stuff also is excellent for shadow work as well and at night even when I’m not asleep I noticed a very connected feeling. This is a real Ormus product and the description of how it was made is also very credible from my research. Much thanks I recommend this product to anyone looking for some good Ormus in their spiritual journey.

    Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold OrmusFrankincense, Myrrh & Gold Ormus

  6. Amber

    Love this!!! It smells just like roses soft and sweet.Great beginner ormus, opens your heart to receive self love and helps align you spirituality. I can’t wait to try the lotus and frankincense ormus 🙂
    I have been taking this for a couple weeks to a month and things have been clearer, my brain has changed completely I don’t know how to explain but it’s been a awesome experience and can’t wait to take it to the next level!!

    I A-Rose OrmusI A-Rose Ormus

  7. Amber

    Love this tincture! The ingredients are magnificent, I’ve been taking this daily and it keeps me balanced and boosts my immune system. Will always make sure to keep this stocked❤️

    Radiant Goddess SpagyriaRadiant Goddess Spagyria

  8. Kimberly (verified owner)

    This is among the most delicious elixirs I have ever tasted! Not only that, it totally fuels my entire being with an incredible energy. I am so in awe of Monica’s creations and the power of each one of them to support the entirety of our beings.

    I A-Rose OrmusI A-Rose Ormus

  9. Kristina Shands (store manager)

    The Venus Love Alche-Mist smells glorious and brightens up any space. I use it before client calls or anytime I need to feel immediately grounded and heart-opened. It is a pleasant reminder to be present to the love and beauty that surrounds us.

    Venus Love (Rose) Alche-MistVenus Love (Rose) Alche-Mist

  10. Kristina Shands (store manager)

    The LIBRA: Zodiac Alchemy Ceremony Set has taken my self-care practice to the next level. I use the Spagyric Herbal Tincture every day to boost immunity and feel a boost of energy. I use the Ormus before meditating to raise my vibration and connect more easily with my Higher Self. I use the alche-mist before bed for a deeper sleep and the essential oil throughout the day when I need a boost. This set is the perfect addition to my daily routine.

    LIBRA: Zodiac Alchemy Ceremony SetLIBRA: Zodiac Alchemy Ceremony Set

  11. Devi

    Heyyy!! I want to share my impression of this product, because I absolutely love it!

    It’s the first thing I drink in the morning and I always look forward to it! It’s perfect to start my day and I adore the flavor!!

    Looking to buy more products now!
    I love you!

    ORMUS Duo: I A-Rose and Frankincense, Myrrh & GoldORMUS Duo: I A-Rose and Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold

  12. Sandi

    I love the scent of this Jasmine it is the only one that has ever really smelt like real Jasmine. It’s so beautiful to start your day when you spray this on after a shower.

    Jasmine Passion Alche-MistJasmine Passion Alche-Mist

  13. Erinn Mcmurtrie

    All 3 of these flavors are GORGEOUS. I love working with the trio and switching up the flavors depending on my intention and desire in the moment.

    The Frankincense and Myrrh is my favorite. I love this for connecting inward.

    The Rose is beautiful for sleep and feminine gentleness, sacred heart-opening.

    The lotus is wonderful for moments of connecting upward with Source. Very powerful blend.

    Highly recommend and Love all three of these 🙂

    ORMUS Trio: Rose, Frankincense and LotusORMUS Trio: Rose, Frankincense and Lotus

  14. Erinn McMurtrie

    I love the Lotus Ormus. I had never experienced Lotus before and WOW. Such a unique smell and taste of the Lotus flower. I particularly love this Ormus for meditations where I want to activate the crown chakra and focus powerfully on connecting with Source. This blend feels so powerful and sacred. One of my new favorites to have in my rotation 🙂

    Lotus Crown OrmusLotus Crown Ormus

  15. Erinn

    This is such a lovely blend of Ormus energy with a beautiful grounding forest medicine energy. Love it and can’t wait to check out these books!

    Ringing Cedar (Siberian Pine) OrmusRinging Cedar (Siberian Pine) Ormus

  16. Jordan

    This mist is amazing. So refreshing and soothing. Absolutely divine smelling. I use it throughout the day. Each time is special.

    Jasmine Passion Alche-MistJasmine Passion Alche-Mist

  17. Lars King (verified owner)

    Simply the best! I’ve given many to friends and clients. A deeply appreciated gift.

    Venus Love (Rose) Alche-MistVenus Love (Rose) Alche-Mist

  18. Erinn

    I love this set! The Rose/Mandarin Ormus is a gorgeous mix and the spagyria is delicious and nourishing. Highly recommended for Leos or anyone looking to coax the Leo energy out 🙂

    LEO: Zodiac Alchemy Ceremony SetLEO: Zodiac Alchemy Ceremony Set

  19. Erinn

    I love this Spagyria! It’s like my new favorite daily supplement/multi-vitamin. Powerful herbal blend, makes me feel amazing and re-vitalized and it tastes wonderful. Highly recommended! <3

    Radiant Goddess SpagyriaRadiant Goddess Spagyria

  20. Erinn

    This Ormus is absolutely DIVINE. The smell alone is incredible, not to mention the taste. When i first tried it I thought “this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever tasted”. I love the sacredness of the blend of the Frank, Myrrh, and Gold and I love using it before I meditate. Such a beautiful way to drop into deep presence. My new favorite part of my personal practice.

    Thanks Monica, for making such magic! Highly highly recommended.

    Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold OrmusFrankincense, Myrrh & Gold Ormus

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