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TAURUS: Zodiac Alchemy Ceremony Set

TAURUS: Zodiac Alchemy Ceremony Set

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Ground your energy and expand your heart with the strengthening, uplifting and calming essences in this love infused

Taurus Alchemy set

Align with the grounded presence of Taurus that easily brings you to a calm, relaxed state.

Activate your intentions with your personal home alchemy ceremony kit!

Sun in Taurus: April 19th through May 20th 


Taurus Alchemy is beneficial for:

  • Friday / Venus alignment
  • Anyone with Sun, Moon or ascendant in Taurus in their personal chart.
  • Finding the beauty of Ritual to give an artistic touch to everything you create.
  • Tapping into your inner strength & determination to bring your ideas to life in a way that creates abundance. Taurus understands that stable wealth comes from your continued efforts.
  • Align with the grounded presence of Taurus that easily brings you to a calm, relaxed state.
  • Enjoy the beauty of nature, culture, art, food and good company.


Taurus Alchemy:

Zodiac Sign: Taurus (The Bull)

Aligning Planet: Venus

Color: Green

Gemstones: Rose Quartz (included in set), Emerald

Element: Earth

Metal: Copper

Alchemical Process: Conjunction

Astro Medical: Throat / Neck, Thyroid Gland, Vocal Tract

Chakra: Heart

Practice: Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, tuning in & placing your hands over your heart. Ask yourself, "What beliefs and ideas have been keeping me from creating the life I want?" Take these blocks, burn them to ash, grind them down in the mortar & pestle of the mind. Crystallize just the key / core things you value most, separating out what no longer serves your highest good. Writing these values down, bring them together into a clear and confident vision, a perfect medicine. Feel yourself focused with a renewed strength in your sight like the virile Taurian bull, here to take charge!

~ *I am Grounded, I appreciate natural beauty & comfort.* ~


Taurus Alchemy set includes:

Taurus Spagyric Herbal Tincture:

A soothing blend of Sage, Nettles and Turkey Tail mushrooms to clear your throat chakra (and any congestion in your lungs). Along with the Rose essence, this Spagyria will encourage you to voice your desires with Love.

Vanilla Ormus Mineral Elixir:

This deliciously sweet and creamy Vanilla Ormus will enhance your mood; It's aphrodisiac effect will shift you to a Light Hearted space of sensual grace. Vanilla is also high in antioxidants, stimulating your body's natural regeneration, protects your immune system and decreases stress to promote faster recovery.

Taurus Tansy Alche-Mist:

A sweet, calming mist of Blue Tansy & Cypress to focus your creative energy so you create from a space of peace-full clarity. A wonderful mist for your skin, reducing blemishes, inflammation, allergies, anxiety and headaches.

Violet Rose Aromatherapy Blend:

An earthy uplifting blend of Rose & Violet. Magnify your love within and all around you with this exquisite oil!


Rose Quartz Double Terminated Crystal:

Rose Quartz restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Rose Quartz strengthens and balances the physical heart and circulatory system, and releases impurities from body fluids.

All aligned to the earthy sensual energy of Taurus the Bull.

*100% Wild / Organic / Biodynamic Ingredients

This alchemy pairs wonderfully with our Venus Love Alche-Mist and I A-Rose Ormus


How to

How to Experience Taurus Spagyria:

Take 1 to 2 droppers full, 2-3 x per day by placing under your tongue and breathing deeply; focus on your brow point, visualizing your entire being filling with light, with a smile, while feeling happy, alive and energized in your body. Daily use is recommended and encouraged. 

How to Experience Vanilla Ormus:

Ormus is a liquid mineral supplement; we recommend fully savoring this experience by first smelling this delicious elixir, then placing 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp under your tongue (hold before swallowing). Your dose will depend on your sensitivity and desired effects. Please tune in to your own body wisdom.

Close your eyes and take long slow deep breaths as you envision your entire body full of light. Or focus on a specific intention/desire you are manifesting.

Ormus is a sacred substance that is highly sensitive to energy and amplifies any intentions set with it. We highly recommend that you honor this bottle with a special place on your altar and infuse every dose with your prayers.

Sit with this Ormus before meditating to open your Pineal Gland for a deeper grounding and stronger connection to your intuition. Use in Ceremony to support spiritual evolution by offering you the ability to transcend limiting beliefs and rewire subconscious thoughts.

A sip before bed can lure you into a lucid dream state where you can receive clarity on important decisions, solve significant problems, learn to overcome fears, heal deep-seated trauma and open you up to access higher consciousness.

With consistent long-term use, some users are able to activate dormant senses such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, telekinesis and more enhanced abilities.

How to Experience Taurus Tansy Alche-Mist:

Mist around face, body, and room any time of the day.  Breath 3 of your biggest deepest breaths of the day.

How to Experience Violet Rose Essential Oil Blend:

Inhale from the bottle and/or turn the bottle upside down and gently tap the bottom to produce a drop of oil and apply to your wrists, neck, brow-point, and temples. Close your eyes and breathe gently and peacefully.




Taurus Spagyric Ingredients:

Sage Leaf, Stinging Nettles, Turkey Tail Mushrooms, Licorice root, Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol, Blessed Spring Water, Organic Grape Spirit (Alcohol), Birch Bark Extract (Xylitol) + calcined crystal plant salts.  (30 ml/1 fl oz)

Vanilla Ormus Mineral Elixir Ingredients:

72 superconductive essential minerals/ORMEs, Vanilla Extract, Ruby Gemstone Essence, Birch Bark Extract (Xylitol) + The Highest Loving Intent of Light!  (50 ml/1.69 fl oz)

Taurus Tansy Alche-Mist Ingredients:

Blue Cypress, Smoothbark Cypress, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile. Gemstone Essences: Emerald & Variscite. Borage Flower Essence. Infused in Blessed Spring Water.  (30 ml/1 fl oz)

Violet Rose Aromatherapy Blend:

Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils of: Sacred Valley Bulgarian Rose Damascena, Wild Violet Leaf Absolute, Palmarosa, Blue Yarrow.   (5 ml) Comes with a glass roller ball!

*100% Wild / Organic / Biodynamic Ingredients



Taurus Alchemy Ceremony:

Ruled by Venus, Taurus energy pleasurably grounds us into our body temples, inviting us to soften into our hearts & enjoy the sensual experience of being alive.

This nourishing ritual includes the Taurus Alchemy Set, though if you don’t have this exact alchemy on hand, feel into what you have that aligns and is most supportive for you.

Create a safe, cozy, & sacred space with pillows, candles, soothing music, crystals, and any sacred objects that you feel called to be with. Place your Kejiwa alchemy nearby & the ritual glass for your Ormus. Ground into a comfortable position for your Ceremony.

Hold your Rose quartz crystal near your heart as you breathe deeply & connect with your authentic self, filling your being with unconditional love and care.

Lovingly spray yourself with the Blue Tansy & Cypress Alche-Mist, awakening your senses as you ground into embodied presence.

 Breathe in the sweet, calming aroma as you soak in the essence of peaceful clarity.

Prepare your Sweet Vanilla Ormus in your ritual glass & infuse your loving intentions into this superconductive elixir. 

Inhale the seductive aroma, inviting every cell in your body to awaken with graceful pleasure.

Sip & savor this delicious, creamy elixir as you open your heart to receive the infinite love and higher consciousness available to you always. 

Visualize & feel the essence of your deepest desires fulfilled in this very moment.

Intentionally meditate on & journal:

✧ What routines & self-care rituals have been most nourishing for you &/or what new practices would you like to begin?

✧ What projects are you inspired to build/grow that support your foundation and thriving well-being? 

How do you want to feel as you do so?

Allow yourself to explore these possibilities with both fluidity and groundedness. 

Visualize yourself embodying the feelings you want to feel as you accomplish each of your goals. 

Revisit these intentions over the next moon cycle & commit to taking action to see them through.

Integrate your intentions while fortifying your being with the Nettles, Sage & Turkey Tail Spagyria

With gratitude for these amazing plant allies, place 1 – 2 droppers full under your tongue while envisioning your body temple glowing with vitality, ready to embody & manifest your heart’s intentions. 

Delight your senses with the Violet Rose Aromatherapy oil

Dab this earthy & uplifting blend onto your wrists & neck to nourish your heart, harmonize your spirit & magnify your love within & all around you. 

Continue meditating in this activating, love-filled space you’ve created while embodying and committing to your intentions & prayers.⁣

Complete by giving thanks to Creator for this blessed Ceremony & to the Earth for all the plant, mineral & spirit essences that blessed you with their love-in support.⁣


    We carefully select the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients


    Created with heart centered focus and intention in the Red Rock vortex of Sedona, AZ


    Offering superior protection for enhanced longevity, potency & purity


    Packed with care and love-in blessings; shipped in compostable packing peanuts

Produced from the highest quality ingredients

Fresh, raw, local, vegan, wild, organic and biodynamic ingredients including wild-harvested herbs picked by hand in prayerful communion.

We choose to always be in our highest state of presence and peace when creating our products because we are committed to bringing you the most potent activating elixirs to assist you on your ascension journey.

It is an extension of what we believe and how we live as stewards of this Planet.

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