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 Juniper Ormus

This nourishing elixir offers you a cleansing purification of body and soul for a pristine activation into higher states of consciousness.

Kejiwa Ormus elixir is alchemized minerals extracted from salt crystals that have absorbed solar & lunar light for around a million years.  These sea salts contain a full bio-available spectrum of elemental mineral nutrition.  Through our unique process, the mono-atomic minerals, which act like light particles, are condensed into nourishing liquid supplement form. It is creative energy in a bottle!

The gold rich third-eye activating Dead Sea salt was held sacred by the Egyptian priests, alchemists and by the Essenes whom had great foresight (intuitive powers) and clear karmic lineage (purity).

Juniper Ormus is infused with Wild Juniperus Communis essential oil, an anciently revered magical herb known for it's physical and spiritual purification properties.

~I Am a Fiery Free Spirit, Purifying my body and Expanding my Light.~

Why Ormus?

These Ormus minerals are necessary to all life and bringing higher concentrations of this miraculous substance into your body results in more liveliness, light, and energy.  With the purifying infusion of Juniper, this elixir elevates spiritual awareness while envoking feelings of Love, Peace and enhanced health for a pristine activation into higher states of consciousness.

Ormus has the capability to uplift & assist brain function, boost energy, regenerate DNA, repair effects of aging, create longevity, enliven cells, support healthy tissue in the heart, boost the endocrine, immune & nervous systems, fight off pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and allow effective rejuvenating sleep as well as more vivid and lucid dreamtime.

You will have more energy for your body’s natural wisdom to heal and experience your ultimate peak performance.

    • MENTAL CLARITY & ENHANCED FOCUS - Improves concentration, memory, and alertness so you can quickly create your vision into form.
    • GREATER EMOTIONAL BALANCE - Cleanse and soothe your Heart while blessing up your mood with blissful loving energy and resilience.
    • ENHANCED INTUITION - Decalcifies the pineal gland so you connect deeper with your inner guidance (bonus: the pineal gland also manages our biological clock, our sleep-wake cycle and reproductive system).
    • INCREASED COGNITION - Rewires your nervous system for optimum functioning and quicker reflexes.
    • ANTI-AGING + SKIN REJUVENATION - Regenerates DNA and repairs the effects of aging while enlivening cells and supporting healthy tissue in the heart for longevity and optimal health.
    • GEMSTONE INFUSED - Crafted with Turquoise gemstone essence to enhance spiritual connection and loving communication with ease.
    • WILD & PURE INGREDIENTS - We use highest-quality essential oils + blessed sacred water to ensure a potent & high vibe products.
    • HANDMADE WITH LOVE - Inspired by nature and produced in small batches in the Red Rock Vortes of Sedona, AZ; a sacred ceremonial gathering place.


Juniper Ormus Benefits:

    • Activates higher consciousness: increased psychic, telepathic, empathic, and clairvoyant abilities
    • Improve brain functioning, memory retention / recall, mental clarity and enhanced focus
    • Increased manifesting potential
    • Greater awareness of subconscious patterns, behaviors & thoughts
    • Increased awareness and feelings of “connectedness”
    • Pineal gland decalcification
    • Anti-aging properties and cellular regeneration
    • Rejuvenation of your energy, stamina, and vitality
    • Powerful vivid and lucid dreams
    • Physically and energetically purifying (especially for Kidneys)
    • Increased ability to connect with spiritual awareness
    • Boosted immune system and an increased sense of overall well-being
    • Wonderful to enhance EFT practice, affirmations, sound and energy healing

The effects are cumulative and enlightening.  Keeping a diary on your progress is recommended & we are open to inquiries always as you unfold your petals on this golden blossoming path of alchemy.


How to experience Juniper Ormus:

Ormus is a liquid mineral supplement; we recommend fully savoring this experience by first smelling this delicious elixir, then placing 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp under your tongue (hold before swallowing). Your dose will depend on your sensitivity and desired effects. Please tune in to your own body wisdom.

Close your eyes and take long slow deep breaths as you envision your entire body full of light. Or focus on a specific intention/desire you are manifesting.

Ormus is a sacred substance that is highly sensitive to energy and amplifies any intentions set with it. We highly recommend that you honor this bottle with a special place on your altar and infuse every dose with your prayers.

Sit with this Ormus before meditating to open your Pineal Gland for a deeper grounding and stronger connection to your intuition. Use in Ceremony to support spiritual evolution by offering you the ability to transcend limiting beliefs and rewire subconscious thoughts.

Align with Juniper Ormus to increase your loving presence by ingesting before difficult discussions or during stressful times to help increase your energetic vibrancy so you can react with calmness and compassion to any situation.

A sip before bed can lure you into a lucid dream state where you can receive clarity on important decisions, solve significant problems, learn to overcome fears, heal deep-seated trauma and open you up to access higher consciousness.

With consistent long-term use, some users are able to activate dormant senses such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, telekinesis and more enhanced abilities.


Juniper Ormus Ingredients:

Super-conductive mono-atomic Gold / Silver / Platinum group & other essential minerals (condensed from Bokek sea salt & Makai Deep sea salt), Blessed Sacred Water & distilled water, Birch Bark extract (Xylitol), Wild Juniper essential oil, Turquoise gemstone essence & the highest loving intent of light!


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(3.39 fl oz / 101 ml)