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Seasonal Alchemy Trio


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Expand into your Light-filled Resiliency of Being with Optimal Health, Clear Consciousness & Peaceful Harmony.


Strengthens Your Vitality & Activates Your Higher Consciousness.

Only 1 left in stock


Seasonal Alchemy Trio

This seasonal alchemy trio is for you if:

* You are committed to optimizing your well being ~ clear, focused, energized with stamina & vitality
* You want to boost your immunity for cold & flu season with powerful adaptogens & uplifting plant/mineral alchemy
* You welcome a refreshing perspective and energizing burst to your mood while clearing your energy for radiant activation
* You feel called to support your digestive and respiratory health for optimal functioning and expanded breathing
* You desire to uplevel clearing your energetic field and supporting your body’s natural detoxification process with Mother Earth’s purifying and balancing plant wisdom
* You desire to expand your luminous vibrancy, awareness, and connection to higher consciousness

Why  Ormus?

* It boosts your vibrancy, frequency, light, and inter-cellular harmony
* It accelerates manifestation and assists you in being money magnetic.
* It assists you in being healthy and strong in your body
* It amplifies any meditation practice.
* It adds Magic, Passion, Aliveness, Inspiration, Peace, and Trust to your Life!


Seasonal Alchemy Trio includes:

Be Wilder Mint Ormus:

Intention and Primary Benefit: Enhances focus & boosts energy while facilitating feelings of ecstatic infinite possibilities in life.

Kejiwa Ormus elixir is alchemized minerals extracted from salt crystals that have absorbed solar & lunar light for around a million years.  These sea salts contain a full bio-available spectrum of elemental mineral nutrition.  Through our process, the mono-atomic minerals, which act like light particles, are condensed into nourishing liquid supplement form. It is creative energy in a bottle!

The gold rich third-eye activating Dead Sea salt was held sacred by the Egyptian priests, alchemists and by the Essenes (the healing tribe Jesus was born into whom had great foresight (intuitive powers) and clear karmic lineage (purity).

Be Wilder Mint Ormus activates your solar plexus by easing digestion and fueling your drive to manifest your visions with creative fire. Sip and savor to clear out excessive mental noise and deepen your connection with your Highest self while enhancing intuition, activating your Third Eye, and envisioning the infinite possibilities available in this realm.

Be Wilder Mint Benefits:

These Ormus minerals are necessary to all life and bringing higher concentrations of this miraculous substance into your body results in more liveliness, light and energy. This Wild Peppermint Ormus mineral elixir offers a refreshing perspective and energizing burst to your mood while clearing your energy for radiant activation.

Ormus has the capability to uplift & assist brain function, boost energy, regenerate DNA, repair effects of aging, create longevity, enliven cells, support healthy tissue in the heart, boost the endocrine, immune & nervous systems, fight off pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and allow effective rejuvenating sleep as well as more vivid and lucid dreamtime.

You will have more energy for your body’s natural wisdom to heal and experience your ultimate peak performance.

How to experience Be Wilder Mint:

Ormus is a liquid mineral supplement; we recommend fully savoring this experience by first smelling this delicious elixir, then placing 1 tsp under your tongue (hold before swallowing).

Close your eyes and take long slow deep breaths as you envision your entire body full of light. Or focus on a specific intention/desire you are manifesting.

Ormus is a sacred substance that is highly sensitive to energy and amplifies any intentions set with it. We highly recommend that you honor this bottle with a special place on your altar and infuse every dose with your prayers.

Sit with this Be Wilder Mint Ormus before meditating to open your Pineal Gland for a deeper grounding and stronger connection to your intuition. Use in Ceremony to support spiritual evolution by offering you the ability to transcend limiting beliefs and rewire subconscious thoughts.

Align with this Ormus to increase your loving presence by ingesting before difficult discussions or during stressful times to help increase your energetic vibrancy so you can respond with calmness and compassion to any situation.

A sip before bed can lure you into a lucid dream state where you can receive clarity on important decisions, solve significant problems, learn to overcome fears, heal deep-seated trauma and receive prophetic wisdom.

With consistent long-term use, some users are able to activate dormant senses such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, telekinesis and more enhanced abilities.

The effects are cumulative and enlightening.  Keeping a diary on your progress is recommended & we are open to inquiries always as you unfold your petals on this golden blossoming path of alchemy.

Be Wilder Mint Ingredients: 

Super-conductive mono-atomic gold / silver / platinum group & other essential minerals (condensed from Dead Sea salt & Celtic Sea salt), Pure spring & distilled water, Birch bark extract (Xylitol), Fire Agate gemstone essence, Wild essential oils: Peppermint, Frankincense Rivae, Sweet Myrrh & the highest loving intent of light!


Tulsi Rose Spagyria:

A Tulsi / Holy Basil & Rose Tonic Herb Alchemical Tincture presents a spicy taste steeped in ancient longevity offering a broad spectrum super boost for your Light body and Soul vessel.

Spagyria Tincture named by a father of alchemy and medicine, Paracelsus, is an initiatory elixir nourishing both the physical, energetic, and soul body of those who receive it. Harnessing the power, intelligence, creativity, and harmony of nature the alchemist aligns with the planets, moon cycles, elements, and their own soul’s light, infusing the tincture with the capacity to elevate consciousness.

“Spagyria”: spao, meaning separate, and gyre, meaning recombine, is an alchemical process separating the many parts of a plant, purifying and concentrating, and then bringing back together into an even more perfectly intelligent & bio-available whole.

This is an alcohol & water extraction combined with calcination of the plant matter back into a pure salt crystal.  The first step of this alchemy takes one full 28 day moon cycle timed according to planetary alignment of each specific herb to achieve it’s utmost highest vibration & whole healing power.

Tulsi Rose Spagyria Benefits: 

  • Tulsi is a potent adaptogen known as Mother Medicine of Nature
  • Rose Damascena is the highest frequency natural substance on the planet and beautifully enhances your energetic vibrancy
  • Relieves stress and anxiety while boosting your mood
  • Strengthens your immune system and increases longevity
  • Detoxifies and protects your body from toxins
  • Increases respiratory health and reduces lung congestion
  • Balances the digestive system
  • Cold & flu tonic with antiviral and antibacterial properties
  • Energetically restores and opens your heart while expanding your capacity for love and compassion
  • Sacred holistic herbal medicine revered in Ayurveda with proven health benefits

How to experience Tulsi Rose Spagyria:

Take 1 to 2 droppers full, 2-3 x per day by placing under your tongue and breathing deeply; focus on your heart, visualizing your entire being filling with light, with a smile, while feeling happy, alive and energized in your body.

Daily use is recommended and encouraged.

Tulsi Rose is meant to be used as a daily supplement for regular rebalancing and rejuvenation. You may also use it as an energetic boost in the middle of the day or anytime you need to fire up your intuitive energy to receive clarity on a situation.

Tulsi Rose Spagyria Ingredients:

Organic Tulsi / Holy Basil trio (Krishna, Rama & Vana) Infused in: Organic Grape Spirit (40%), Organic Bulgarian Rose water, Birch Bark Extract (Xylitol), Glycerin, Organic Bulgarian Rose Damascena Essential oil, Calcined Crystal Plant Salts + All Our Love!

*Pristine, pure, organic/wild, 100% plant-based (vegan), lovingly crafted with heart-centered focus.


Great Sage Sanitizer / Alche-Mist:

An exquisite White Sage and Rosemary Sanitizing Spray to instantly transport you to a pure peace-full experience of life. Mist in the car, home, or out in the world to elevate any situation and inspire the moment.

Great Sage Benefits:

  • Quickly raises your spirits, calms your nerves and eases your mind
  • Boosts your immune system and prevents respiratory infections
  • Opens your lungs to breathe deep and release congestion
  • Strengthens vital centers and balances emotions
  • Creates a sense of well-being and inner peace
  • Improves youthfulness of your skin and reduces acne
  • Eases stress and nervous tensions
  • Grounds, protects and stabilizes your energy
  • Stimulates Chi flow and attunes you to pure consciousness

How to experience Great Sage:

Mist your face, hands and body to refresh, spray it in your car to inspire you on the way to work, keep it on hand to recenter when stressful moments arise and lightly mist your pillows to soothe your senses before drifting off to dream time.

This lovely natural scent lights up any room! Lightworkers delight in blessing up their circle with Great Sage in place of a smudge to uplift the space and enhance Ceremonies; inviting a graceful flow of light filled high-frequency energies into the circle.

Yoga and meditation facilitators utilize Great Sage Alche-Mist to welcome students into the space and mist around everyone while in Savasana to facilitate a calm state of inner peace and deep clearing breaths. Hair Stylists, makeup artists and massage therapists (or anyone who desires a calm, relaxing, open space to work in) can utilize Great Sage to fill the room with purifying energy and a delightful natural aroma.

Easy to carry in your purse for a natural perfume replacement, car freshener, hand sanitizer or any time you just need to relax and reset.

Great Sage Ingredients: 

Blessed Sacred Water, Grape Spirit (alcohol), Colloidal Silver, White Sage essential oil, Omani Frankincense Carterii essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Patchouli essential oil, Red Jasper gemstone essence, Black Obsidian gemstone essence, Golden Rutile Quartz gemstone essence + The Highest Loving Intent of Light!

All essential oils are steam-distilled and wild-harvested/organic.

Additional information

Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 6.25 × 2 × 6 in

Alche-Mist, Ormus Mineral Elixir, Spagyric Herbal Tincure


Balancing, Clearing, Detox, Hormone Health, Intuition, Mental Clarity, Stress Relief, Uplifting, Vitality


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