Ormus Duo: I A-Rose and Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold Ormus

Why Ormus?

* Boosts your vibrancy, frequency, light, and inter-cellular harmony
* Accelerates manifestation and assists you in being money magnetic.
* Assists you in being healthy and strong in your body
* Amplifies any meditation practice.
* Adds Magic, Passion, Aliveness, Inspiration, Peace and Trust into your Life!

This Ormus Duo is for you if:

* You are focused on living long and feeling amazing in your body
* You are devoted to being the best version of you
* You can sometimes take life seriously and are ready for more passion, play, and purpose
* You can feel brain-foggy, scattered and desire to be able to think clearly and make smart decisions!

What is Ormus?

A concentrated bio-available liquid mineral supplement containing the minerals already available in our air, ocean, soil – however, due to soil depletion we are no longer receiving the quantities we need for strong immune system, quick-thinking brain, and experiencing joy and pleasure in our bodies.

What is the difference between Rose and Frankincense / Myrrh?

I A-Rose has been infused with pure Bulgarian Sacred Valley Rose Damascena essential oil and has love filled benefits of opening your heart.

Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold activates the Brain & spiritual Pineal Gland while facilitating feelings of ecstatic limitless possibilities in life.

This alchemy pairs wonderfully with our Ringing Cedar Ormus