Activate your intentions for the Solar shift into Gemini on Tuesday, May 18th through Friday, June 21st with your personal home alchemy ceremony kit!

We have upgraded to Amber bottles and increased the size of the aromatherapy mist by 50%! More images coming soon!


Gemini Alchemy Ceremony Set

Zodiac Sign: Gemini (The Twins)

Aligning Planet: Mercury

Color: Yellow

Gemstones: Banded Agate, Tourmaline, Amber

Element: Air

Metal: Mercury

Alchemical Process: Coagulation

Astro Medical: Lungs / Throat / Thyroid Gland, Nervous System & Brain Connection

Chakra: Throat

Practice: Upon rising, take a deep, expansive breath through your diaphragm, filling your lungs 3-dimensionally: top-to-bottom, side-to-side and front-to-back. Exhale smoothly and feel your body grounding into the Earth. Inhale again with vigor, fueling your cells with new life force energy. Now open your mouth and throat by exhaling with an “ahh” sound. Repeat several times to activate your breath, communication & creative expression with ease, joy, and enthusiasm.

~ *I Am a Free Spirit, Rising each day with Curiosity & Optimism.* ~

This set includes a Spagyric Herbal Tincture, Superconductive Ormus Mineral Supplement, Alche-Mist (Aromatherapy spray) and an Essential Oil Blend all aligned to the fun-loving, lively energy of the Gemini Twins.

This kit is beneficial for:

  • Wednesday / Mercury alignment
  • Anyone with Sun, Moon or ascendant in Gemini in their personal chart.
  • Communicating clearly and openly with others from a place of inner truth.
  • Activating your creativity and expressing your gifts with light-hearted enthusiasm.
  • Calming restless and hyperactive energy.
  • Embracing an active and curious mind with joyful ease.

Supporting respiratory health & immune system.


Spagyric Herbal Tincture: Yerba Santa / Holy Herb is a powerful ally for the lungs and is known for its rich history of medicinal uses.  This resinous evergreen shrub supports the respiratory system, along with mullein. We’ve intentionally crafted this calming and antioxidant-rich blend to support your respiratory health and your body’s healthy inflammatory response.

Ingredients: Yerba Santa, Parsley, Mullein, Skullcap, Juniper Hydrosol, Pure Spring Water, Grape Spirit, Birch Bark Extract + calcined crystal plant salts.

(33 ml/1.1 oz)

Dosage: Take 1-2 full droppers twice a day.


Ormus Minerals Supplement:  A soothing and balancing Lavender Ormus Elixir that connects you to your inner peace & compassion while clearing energetic blocks.

Ingredients: 72 superconductive essential minerals/ORMEs, Lavender essential oil, Banded Agate Gemstone Essence, Birch Bark Extract + The Highest Loving Intent of Light!

(30 ml/1 oz)

Dosage: Take 1 to 2 tsp in the morning on an empty stomach.  Take 1 tsp at night if you would like to enhance lucid dream-state.


Alche-Mist: A woody & sweet aromatherapy mist that instantly transports you to the heart of the desert, inviting you into a grounded, clear, and calm state.

Essential Oils of: Eucalyptus Dives, Chaparral, Juniper, Sagebrush & Frankincense Rivae. Gemstone Essences: Banded Agate & Amber. Infused in Blessed Sacred Water.

(15 ml/.5 oz) Larger size!

Application: Mist around face, body, and room any time of the day.  Breath 3 of your biggest deepest breaths of the day.


Essential Oil Blend: A bright, calming blend that supports clear breathing and uplifts your spirit.

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils of: Davana, Elemi, Bergamot Mint, Lemongrass & Lemon.

(1.5 ml) Larger size!

Application: Inhale from the bottle and/or roll on to your wrists, neck, brow-point, and temples. Close your eyes and breathe gently and peacefully.

*100% Wild / Organic / Biodynamic Ingredients