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Floral Aromatherapy Sampler Set


This delightful Floral Sampler includes:

Aquarius Neroli Alche-Mist

Libra Violet Flame Alche-Mist

Taurus Tansy Alche-Mist

Taurus Violet Rose Oil blend


Floral Aromatherapy Sampler Set

Do you love our Alche-Mist Sprays? Love Floral Aromatherapy and want to experience more?

We would love for you to experience our favorite floral aromatherapy sprays and oil blend with these sampler bottles from our Zodiac Alchemy Sets! Giving you a taste of the magic, the instant shift in mood, energy, brain chemistry, heart’s openness, and groundedness in Truth that’s possible with pure essential oils, sacred waters + gem and flower essences.

Stop and smell the Flowers for an instantly blissful experience anywhere at any time.

These 15 ml bottles are perfect to carry with you in your purse or in your car to have on hand throughout the day.

This Floral Aromatherapy Sampler Set includes:

Libra Alche-Mist: Our New Violet Flame!

We found a new / more pure source of Wild Violet Leaf Absolute. The scent is quite different than our previous Violet; More Earthy and grounded, perfect for Libra Balance. We also chose to infuse Boulder Opal and Charoite gem essences for powerful transmutation and transformation.

An exquisite Violet Aromatherapy Mist to instantly transport you to a heavenly experience of Radiant Clarity. Mist in the car, home, or out in the world – clear any situation and inspire the moment – Spray your face and deeply inhale to refresh!

Benefits: This mist is the power of transmutational fire!  To be higher-self aligned, crowned true, manifesting the kingdom of Love’s desire – the I AM presence. It will assist in clearing stuck, stagnant, and repetitive patterns as well as releasing confusion, doubt and unhealthy relationships.

Ingredients: Pure Spring Water, Amethyst / Charoite / Boulder Opal Gemstone Essences, Essential Oils of: Violet Leaf, Lavender, Sandalwood, Cedar, Neroli Blossom.  (15 ml/.5 oz)

*All essential oils are steam-distilled and wild-harvested/organic. Violet is an absolute as it’s not possible to use steam distillation.

Application: Mist around face, body and room any time of the day.  Breath 3 of your biggest deepest breaths of the day.


Aquarius Neroli Alche-Mist:

This Exquisite Neroli Blossom mist eases the mind while relaxing the body, strengthening and stabilizing the emotions to bring all into focus so we may see the beauty of life as a true gift!

This refreshing mist is ideal for sensitive skin and rejuvenating weathered or aging skin by stimulating cellular regeneration. A divine beauty of exquisite flower essences to nourish, enliven and rejuvenate.
Neroli is highly revered in Egypt for the healing of mind, body & spirit. These delightful blossoms stabilizes your emotions and strengthens your confidence, assisting you in overcoming your fears, anxiety, depression, shock and other stress related conditions.
Hyssop is cleansing and purifying, this beautiful flower clears your mind while also keeping you alert. Stimulates creativity and ability to concentrate.
Yarrow harmonizes Yin & Yang, supporting intuition and opening your awareness to cosmic energies. Activating your innate healing response for a profound transformation.

Ingredients: Pure Spring Water, Juniper hydrosol, Purple Iris Flower Essence, Amethyst Gemstone Essence, Essential Oils of: Neroli Blossom, Hyssop Flower, Blue Yarrow, Carrot Seed.  (15 ml/.5 oz)

Application: Mist around face, body and room any time of the day. Breath 3 of your biggest deepest breaths of the day.


Taurus Tansy Alche-Mist:

A sweet, calming mist of Blue Tansy & Cypress to focus your creative energy so you create from a space of peace-full clarity. A wonderful mist for your skin, reducing blemishes, inflammation, allergies, anxiety and headaches.

Essential Oils of: Blue Cypress, Smoothbark Cypress, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile. Emerald & Variscite Gemstone Essences. Borage Flower Essence. Infused in Pure Spring Water.  (15 ml/.5 oz)

Application: Mist around face, body and room any time of the day. Breath 3 of your biggest deepest breaths of the day.


Taurus Violet Rose Essential Oil Blend:

An earthy uplifting blend of Rose & Violet. Magnify your love within and all around you with this exquisite oil!

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils of: Sacred Valley Bulgarian Rose Damascena, Wild Violet Leaf Absolute, Palmarosa, Blue Yarrow.   (1.5 ml)

Application: Inhale from the bottle and/or roll on to your wrists, neck, brow-point and temples. Close your eyes and breath gently and peacefully.

*100% Wild / Organic / Biodynamic Ingredients

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Alche-Mist, Aromatherapy Oil


Balancing, Grounding, Intuition, Love, Mental Clarity, Stress Relief, Uplifting


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