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AQUARIUS: Zodiac Alchemy Ceremony Set


An Alchemy set aligned to the inventive visionary, humanitarian and trend-setting nature of Aquarius!


~*I Am an Intelligent Visionary, the trend-setting Water Bearer*~


Aquarius Alchemy Set

Activate your intentions with your personal Aquarius Alchemy Ceremony Set and align with Water Bearer’s inventive visionary energies!

Sun in Aquarius: January 19th through February 17th

Aquarius New Moon on Thursday, February 11th, 2021

*We are currently in the Age of Aquarius for the next 2,000 years!*


Do you know where Aquarius is in your chart? Do you feel the planetary influence of the Water Bearer with a strong desire to share your knowledge & progressive vision with the world, idealizing equality & individuality?⁣

Aquarius Alchemy is beneficial for:

  • Saturn day/Saturday alignment
  • Anyone with Sun, Moon or ascendant in Aquarius in their personal chart.
  • Tapping into your determination, idea creation and progressive inventions
  • Rebelliously being true to you and embracing the changes you feel are needed
  • Being more independent, seeing through the mundane and inspiring your eclectic individuality
  • Boosting immune system and circulation
  • Easing stress and anxiety by calming your nervous system for restful sleep
  • Enhancing psychic perception & visionary states including vivid & lucid dreaming


~*I Am an Intelligent Visionary, the trend-setting Water Bearer*~


Aquarius Alchemy:

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (The Water Bearer)

Aligning Planet: Uranus, Saturn

Color: Iridescent Blue, Purple

Gemstones: Amethyst (included in set), Aquamarine

Element: Air, Water

Metal: Uranium/Aluminum

Alchemical Process: Multiplication

Astro Medical: Circulatory System, Lower legs/ankles

Energetically/ Endocrine: Parathyroid gland, brain & cerebrospinal system

Chakra: Root Chakra


Aquarius Alchemy Set Includes:

A 30 ml Spagyric Herbal Tincture, 50 ml Ormus Mineral Supplement, 30 ml Alche-Mist (Aromatherapy spray), 5 ml Essential Oil Blend and a double terminated Amethyst gemstone pendant; all aligned to the inventive visionary, humanitarian and trend-setting nature of Aquarius!

Spagyric Herbal Tincture:

A potent blend of immune boosting and anti-inflammatory herbs to rejuvenate your cells and bring your body back to homeostasis.

Ingredients: Pau D’arco, Turmeric, Prickly Ash Bark & Fenugreek Infused in Organic Grape Spirit, Rosemary Hydrosol/Essential Oil, Birch Bark Extract + calcined crystal plant salts.  (30 ml/1 oz)

Dosage: Take 1-2 full droppers twice a day.


Ormus Minerals Supplement:

Lemon Myrtle is known as the “Queen of the Lemon Herbs.” It has antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal and immune-boosting properties; making it a wonderfully supportive herb for the winter months.⁣

Lemon Myrtle’s calming & elevating effects align this herb with the forward thinking Aquarians who are ready to calm their overactive minds & relax after all their deep contemplation on how to change the world.⁣

This Ormus Elixir also includes Blue Apatite gemstone essence for enhanced psychic perception that stimulates visionary states, including lucid dreaming & astral travel.This vibrant blue crystal inspires harmonious integration of multi-dimensional wisdom to assist in solving long-standing problems with creative solutions & a hopeful attitude.⁣
Ingredients: 72 superconductive essential minerals/ORMEs, Birch Bark Extract, Lemon Myrtle essential oil, Blue Appetite Gemstone Essence + The Highest Loving Intent of Light!  (50 ml/1.69 oz)

Dosage: Take 1 to 2 tsp in the morning on an empty stomach.  Take 1 tsp at night if you would like to enhance lucid dream-state.



This Exquisite Neroli Blossom mist eases the mind while relaxing the body, strengthening and stabilizing the emotions to bring all into focus so we may see the beauty of life as a true gift!

This refreshing mist is ideal for sensitive skin and rejuvenating weathered or aging skin by stimulating cellular regeneration. A divine beauty of exquisite flower essences to nourish, enliven and rejuvenate.
Neroli is highly revered in Egypt for the healing of mind, body & spirit. These delightful blossoms stabilizes your emotions and strengthens your confidence, assisting you in overcoming your fears, anxiety, depression, shock and other stress related conditions.
Hyssop is cleansing and purifying, this beautiful flower clears your mind while also keeping you alert. Stimulates creativity and ability to concentrate.
Yarrow harmonizes Yin & Yang, supporting intuition and opening your awareness to cosmic energies. Activating your innate healing response for a profound transformation.

Ingredients: Essential Oils of:Neroli Blossom, Hyssop Flower, Blue Yarrow, Juniper & Carrot Seed. Purple Iris Flower Essence, Amethyst Gemstone Essence, Infused in: Blessed Sacred Water & Organic Grape Spirit. (30 ml/1 oz)

Application: Mist around face, body, and room any time of the day.  Breath 3 of your biggest deepest breaths of the day.


Essential Oil Blend:

A zesty Lemon and Geranium oil to purify and lift your spirits, while regenerating tissues and balancing hormones, these oils also induce a sense of peace and clarity.

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils of: Lemon, Geranium, Sandalwood, Black Pepper, Sweet Basil.  (5ml)

Application: Inhale from the bottle and/or turn bottle upside down and gently tap the bottom to produce a drop of oil and apply to your wrists, neck, brow-point, and temples. Close your eyes and breath gently and peacefully.


Amethyst pendant: Double terminated crystal

Amethyst aligns with the 3rd eye & crown chakras, enhancing divine connection / communication. This beautiful purple gemstone is know for its protective qualities, clearing your energetic field and creating a “shield” to ward off negativity similar to the Violet Flame. Amethyst also has a very calming influence, aligning you into a state of peace & well-being.

*100% Wild / Organic / Biodynamic Ingredients

Additional information

Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 2 in
Product Type

Zodiac Alchemy Ceremony Set


Alche-Mist, Aromatherapy Oil, Gemstone, Ormus Mineral Elixir, Spagyric Herbal Tincure

Chakra Alignment

Crown Chakra, Root Chakra


Mental Clarity, Stress Relief, Uplifting


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