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Kejiwa Ormus Elixirs in front of inspiring pyramids of Egypt with sun and golden flower of life

Ormus Mineral Elixirs

Activate your sensory perception and cellular regeneration

Ormus minerals aka: ORMEs (Orbitaly Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements), Monatomic Gold, Manna, the Elixir of Life.

*Program with your soulful intention and ingest with reverence for best results; this miraculous substance is charged with and amplified by your prayers & intentions, a wonder-full boost to any meditation or Ceremony.
*A Potent Pineal Gland activator to quickly raise your awareness, intuition, sensory perception, brain and nerve connectivity for peak mental functioning, quick reflexes and stellar overall physical performance.
*Regenerate your cells to recover & heal quickly; especially skin, hair, joints and bones.