Golden Healer Polished Point

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Amplify and Connect your Energy with Golden Healer Quartz 

Golden Healer Quartz Crystal has a strong vibrational frequency that attunes your body and Being to your highest self


  • MANIFESTATION: A stone for deep alignment and manifestation work, assisting us in bringing our dreams to life
  • JOY: Brings optimism, light heartedness, and joy
  • CLEAR BLOCKAGES: Golden Healer brings with it an ability to cleanse energy and clear blockages when used with intention
  • STONE FOR HEALERS: An amazing ally for those who do healing or energy work, Golden Healer helps support the wellbeing of healers
  • HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS: Activates the crown chakra, which connects us to our highest selves, guides and angels, interconnectedness, and Source
  • CALMING: Vibrates to a tranquil, serene, and supportive frequency
  • BALANCING: Harmonizes yin and yang energies 


 Approx. Size

Height: 1.5" ~ Width: 0.5"

Each crystal point is unique, sizes and shapes vary

Crystal points are idea for using in grids, or by themselves placed intentionally where you would like a boost of clear energy. Point the quartz towards the center of the room or straight upward for maximum benefit.


Golden Healer connects to the Golden Ray - the golden light of Universal Life Force, Divine Spirit, Source, or Creation. It is considered one of the Master Healers. It allows this Golden Ray energy to flow into the body through the Crown Chakra.

This highest vibrational energy spreads its golden light throughout the body as it clears blockages and imbalances that ready the body for multi-level healing. Its energy is powerful, yet gentle, and soothing.

It is said that meditating with Golden Healer Quartz will open your consciousness to receive information and guidance from the higher dimensions to achieve your highest good.

This crystal helps to amplify your intentions, and helps bring deep alignment from within to create a life that you dream of. Its manifestation power comes from assisting you in becoming a clear vibrational match to the frequencies you would like to attract. One way it does so is brining awareness to your thoughts, words, and actions being in alignment.



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