Ceremony land in Arizona; stone medicine wheel


Kejiwa is lovingly crafted for our fellow Lightworkers, Shamanic practitioners, Reiki Masters, Spiritual Healers and those on the journey home to Self.

Our activating elixirs are intended to enhance bodywork, meditation, breathwork, ceremonies, sound baths and any deep spiritual ritual you may practice for yourself or your clients.

Incorporating Kejiwa’s Alche-Mists, Ormus Minerals and Spagyrics into your daily practice or as part of Sacred Ceremony supports a strong connection back to your Soul’s true essence and a rich discovery of intuitive guidance through transformation at a cellular level.

We’ve created these bottled blessings with you in mind because we know the work you do here is vital to the future of our Planet and People. That is why we are conscientious in All our processes and insist on consistently producing the purest products with love, integrity and the highest quality ingredients available.

You inspire us to deepen into our presence and heart-centered focus. We trust you find inspiration in Kejiwa, as well.


Activating elixirs for a profoundly transformative experience.

Translated as “Rise Into Soul Truth,” Kejiwa’s high vibe botanicals are created with the intention to fill you with Light, Love and Radiant Health so you may awaken your intuition and communion with your higher self, be transported to a space of reverence and focus on your divine mission and path in life, acknowledge the creative abilities within you and amplify them for greater manifestation with authentic integrity & trust.

We create these bottled blessings prayerfully and lovingly for you.

Ian Michael Drake and his white horse Wisdom on bareback journey


Kejiwa’s mission is to bless up your health and well-being for a personal transformation into increased vitality, enhanced intuition and your highest self embodiment; to clarify your vision and inspire you to create it into being!

We are envisioning a land for us to create a bio-dynamic permaculture garden where we will grow the majority of our ingredients and food in a self-sustaining way, off-grid and aligned with the cycles of nature. We are manifesting the perfect lot for us to see this vision into reality!

Our future depends on all of us to honor our earth and regenerate her to a thriving state of beauty and abundance. We are assisting with this transformation so that we all have access to fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, clean water and come-unity support.

We are curating and expanding a growing team of loving and highly conscious beings who align with our mission, are inspired to support us in creating transformations through our bottled blessings and are excited about sharing them with the world while spreading our vision of sustainable and regenerative practices so that we may all Thrive together.


We tune in to Creator, our Highest Self and our Spirit Guides to infuse Love-in Light filled blessings into every step of the process.

From the hand selection of quality herbs and crystals, to the mixing of the purest ingredients, to the thoughtful packaging and timely safe delivery; every step has been Blessed Up so you receive the clearest, most potent elixirs you need to break down the barriers keeping you from ascending in vibration and consciousness.

All our creations are infused with Love and Divine Light to assist you in amplifying your prayer-full intentions.

Pure Ingredients + Potent Energetics = PROFOUND TRANSFORMATIONS

Orange Flower of Life



Highest standards in curating and Wild crafting with intention and reverence.

Green Flower of Life



Transformative processes for super pure and readily absorbable cellular nutrition

Purple Flower of Life



Wrapped in violet and beauty for protection, potency and purity.

Teal Flower of Life



Handled with care. Delivered with love.


Beyond Sustainability: Restoring the Planet through Regenerative practices

Definition of sustainability:
“1. The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. 2. Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.”

We’re far past thinking that maintaining is enough. Focusing only on avoiding depletion can NOT create balance in our world today.

We strive to create a world that thrives through rejuvenation and restoration of Mother Earth. This commitment shows up in every step of our process – from selecting Wild & Organic herbs to dreaming of expansive permaculture gardens that nourish many communities.

“It’s time for us to rise above the thought process of simply sustaining our current state!”

We are conscious of every impact our products make, from when the resources are harvested from the earth to when they return to it.

We take into consideration the financial, earth, social and spiritual aspects of every decision within our business because we understand that everything we do has a larger effect than first meets the eye.

We are continuously evaluating and evolving our business practices to align further with the natural harmony of this earth and we love to support like-minded businesses that are also focused on Regeneration.

Our minimalist lifestyle reflects this knowingness as we have many eco-friendly practices; we re-use a large percentage of our bottles, compost, use all-natural cleaning supplies, support renewable energy, re-use packing material, recycle as much as possible, wild harvest many of our ingredients and source as many ingredients locally as possible!

Connecting with Source through the gifts of creation enhances our awareness, vitality and expansion into our highest embodiment of Divinity.


Kejiwa believes in the evolutionary power of come-unity support!

We love supporting like-minded businesses and projects that generate a frequency of harmony and regeneration on Earth.

Ringing Cedars of Russia

Wild Siberian Pine oil full of healing properties and hand crafted with love. These products are full of positive energy reflecting the infinite power of nature.

OUR Rescue - Operation Underground Railroad

Paving the way for permanent eradication of child sex trafficking and child slavery through coordinated rescue & recovery planning.

Local Earth

Developing a global network of regenerative communities that demonstrate how the human species can live in a healthy & harmonious balance with the planet as a whole.


Enlightenment engineers of altered states, deep rest, and rejuvenation through the combination Torus & Pyramid technology.

Monica Merino in standing bow pulling yoga pose on the Inca Trail in Peru, inspiring scenery with river, canyon, trail, facepaint and metatrons cube

“I feel called to share the wonders of pure herbal and mineral elixirs for radiant health and highest self embodiment through Kejiwa!”


The Steward & Alchemist: Monica Merino

I have always favored natural remedies for myself and my clients and have been utilizing aromatherapy in my massage practice for over 9 years. I’m always looking for pure products made with potent plant essences and high integrity ingredients, which can be challenging to find; this led me to create my own aromatherapy skincare line, Ancient Wisdom Alchemy. I love these creations and use many as daily personal care products. I was just getting started yet I knew there was more – a more uniquely aligned and expansive way to bring my vision and values into the world in service of the greater good.

Then I was called forward.

The opportunity to step into Stewardship and as Alchemist for Kejiwa. These magical creations align perfectly with my values and desire to go deeper within, to sit in ceremony every day, seeing everything as sacred as I embrace awareness at every level. I embody this by honoring the earth in communion with her life-giving blessings, reducing waste as an eco-conscious minimalist, in my compassion for all beings with plant-based (vegan) nourishment for my soul vessel, focus on enhancing myself through yoga and meditation + playing in nature as often as possible.

I embrace my role as Kejiwa’s Steward with great honor because I know that as healers, lightworkers, teachers and guides, you entrust Kejiwa to support you and your clients on the path to enlightenment with pristine energy that tangibly raises the vibrational frequency of All.

I know first hand the importance of care-full discernment, detoxing your body, clearing & aligning your energy, raising your frequency, balancing body-soul-spirit, optimizing your mind and leveraging your time so that we may live a fulfilling life aligned with our soul’s essence.

Monica Merino

Monica Merino

Steward & Alchemist

Monica Merino has been practicing intuitive bodywork, specializing in Deep Tissue, Structural alignment, Myofascial & Energetic Release, since 1/11. She’s also a Reiki master and is now going deep in the study of Shamanic practices.

She is focused on the purest natural solutions for optimum health with an ever-increasing knowledge of Alchemy, Aromatherapy, herbal wisdom, crystal therapy and energy healing from highly revered mentors, in-depth self-study and practical application.

She was working on an artisan-crafted aromatherapy facial line when Kejiwa came into her focus. The commitment to purity, sustainability and connection to every ingredient greatly aligns with her values and inspired her to take Kejiwa into her loving embrace.

Monica is heart-centered on supporting Lightworkers in their personal transformation, that of their clients and the come-unity. She feels that the Elixirs she creates belong in Ceremony and to be honored with reverence as they are amplified with your intention and gratitude. She has been bringing this awareness into Woman’s Circles, Meditations and other Ceremonial gatherings with many profound experiences.

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Ian Michael Drake

Ian Michael Drake

Custodian & Magi

Ian Michael Drake has been a student of esoteric wisdom principles of Hermetics & yoga since his introduction while still in the U.S. AirForce as an Air Traffic Control specialist (1999).

His background quickly filled with a myriad of new, along with old skills, such as natural global nutrition, continued healing techniques, ubermen yoga and meditations(40 days/40 nights), symbology & rune Magi actions, counter psyops/mental transmutation, 3-T’s practices and electric vehicle conversions at EV West, ALL naturally aligning his hearts drive into KEJIWA’s future, NOW.

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Kristina Pescatore smiling with heart chocolate

Kristina Pescatore

Wholesale Account Representative & Content Writer

After meeting Emma Clare Juniper and Illup Gravengaard, Kristina began working with Kejiwa in 2015, learning many aspects of both the business and alchemical processes. With the shift of ownership to Monica and Ian in 2018, Kejiwa’s values, practices, and quality of products continue to thrive with full consciousness and loving care.

Kristina is also deeply passionate about handcrafting chocolate and facilitating meaningful experiences for her community, often including movement and collaboration with musical artists. Growing and nurturing relationships are close to Kristina’s heart, as well as sharing Mother Earth’s healing foods and herbs. You can learn more about Kristina at chocolatma.com.

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Blue Lotus flowers


Illup Gravengaard & Emma Clare Juniper

Illup Gravengaard, founding Kejiwa Vitality Alchemist, was thrown into the world of herbalism via a long, prolific land journey in the wild desert outside of Sedona, Arizona, more than a decade ago. Learning to listen to the plants, he bridged the rich profound medicine of this environment to the local people of the Southwest and eventually beyond. The first inspired delivery system for his medicine was with kombucha, receiving the International Best Beverage Award at the Raw Living Expo in 2012. Illup has gone on to invent new ferments, including a 55 herb cross between kombucha and honey wine (mead) entitled “Cohmbeesha.”

Along with co-founder Emma Clare Juniper, Illup created a full lifestyle line of daily alchemy for all people’s upliftment into their highest thriving vitality.


Inspiring Kejiwa Alche-Mists with rainbow and yoga figure in front of river and natural landscape in Utah

Clear, Reset & Uplift your energy

Radiant Goddess and Majestic Man Spagyrias embraced by herbs; turmeric, rose, sage and more

Rejuvenate your cells for Radiant Health

Kejiwa Ormus Elixirs in front of inspiring pyramids of Egypt with sun and golden flower of life

Sacred Elixirs for enhanced perception

Alchemy Ormus

Transformational collections for ascension

Crystal Cave with huge Full Moon and glowing blue crystals

Magical minerals for energetic inspiration

Align with cosmic energies